Are these cranks good?

the title says it all… i am looking for some nice cheap 125mm cranks for my coker are these good? and if not… what are some nice ones?


They should be fine. The bike euro cranks are strong as well. The nimbus 29’er comes with these as stock, so they have to be at the very least decent :stuck_out_tongue:

probably fine. for not much more i’d think about the nimbus X cranks too. they’re really solid.

I have the cranks you linked to on both my Nimbus Longneck freestyle (114) and on my Nimbus 29er (125). I love them, and I have only bent one pair after my fstyle went flying out from under me and landed unusually hard on that one crank. Remember, don’t go bouncin’ on em, but they’re very light and are a great quality pair of cranks.

I dont see what the big deal about having good cranks on a coker is. You wont be doing any hopping or anything, so as long as they’re light they should be just fine.

I had the 114mm ones of those on my coker with no problems, but I don’t recall ever having a fall with them on that would have bent cranks. The 125mm ones should be good for a coker.

thanks fellas… ordered