Are there any videos of just riding around?

Not vids of tricks or anything, I just want some videos of unicyclists riding around on streets. . . stopping, idling, turning, etc. I guess I mostly want ssomething to shoot for as far as balance goes; should I just take the arm waving as a fact of unicycling, or try to gain enough balance to hold on to the handle when riding? Is it hard to get to that point?

Did you just start riding?

I just recently got good enough to go over 150 feet. I’ve been riding for five days or so. I can mount against an obstacle 100%, and havent tried freemounting yet. I’m wobbly and wavy. so, yes, I just started :smiley: I went about 500 feet today without a UPD

If you can wait until tomorrow, I can make a video of some basics like riding around,turning,idling and things like that.

that would be great. any others from other people would be awesome, I really appreciate it!
A plus for you is: in a year, you can make another video and compare the two to measure your progress :smiley:

I ride fine, I may not know bunches of tricks but I can ride just fine.Basic tricks for me.

Accept the wavy-arms thing for now. After you unicycle for a while (several weeks/months or so) that goes away. I can ride with my hands in my pockets. :sunglasses:


Is this what you had in mind?

exactly that. but as many more as possible. . . I learn best when i see lots of people doing similar things :smiley: thanks for the link!

Level 10.5 for the win! :wink:

haha… riding with your hands in your pockets isn’t that hard if you just don’t think about it while doing it… and I learned that after like 3 months of riding … i didn’t ride that much either

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Welcome to the fora.

Here’s some video of people just riding ar

Don’t get too frustrated. Accept the waving arms thing. It’ll go away. I’ve never been very athletic and am quite ‘balance challenged’ and it took me 8 months (yes months) before I could ride 150 yards without a UPD. And months more before the wavey arms thing went away.

Theres something about that video that just makes me laugh.

…that’s not exactly what he meant…inside joke from a thread awhile ago…PM me if you really wanna know.

Here is a hint…level 10.5 is half way to level 11:wink:

Streets? shame, then this clip of just riding wont help you.