Are there any unicyclers aroound Chesterton, Indiana?

Are there any unicyclers aroound Chesterton, Indiana?

I go to purdue in Lafayette IN but my parents live in Michigan City. Where do you ride and what do you ride?

oh brent is awesome…u aint got to worry bout him bein a crappy rider…

i ride a kris holm 20 inch but ya i was just at the michigan city skatepark today we should meet up and ride cause im bored as hell by myself

cool. btw, I wasn’t concerned with him being a bad rider :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, I’ll be in Michigan City on June 7th and 8th. Not sure we’d have too much to do as I’m a distance rider, not a freestyle/flatland person.

o thats cool i dont care though a unicycler is a unicycler

cool deal. i’ll bring up my nimbus 24" even though I cant do much on it. gimme an AIM or MSN message sometime before then

AIM: TheLegendofMouse

hey im still going to michigan city tomorrow. I’ll be riding my 36’er but I can still meet up at the skatepark if you want.

call me: 765-409-8649

local edit: 219-877-5105