are there any 24" 48h rims 1.75-2.0 wide?

As I mentioned in an earlier post today, I have had my first taco, and I can’t find a 24" 48h rim that is 1.75-2.0 inches wide. I looked on and didn’t say anything with 48 holes.

Please tell me where I can find this rare rim!

If I can’t find one I’ll have to buy a wheel set, with a hub, and I don’t want to pay for that.

Re: are there any 24" 48h rims 1.75-2.0 wide?

Sun makes the BFR (Big Fat Rim) in a 24" flavor with 48 holes.
The BFR is available in black which would look sharp on the black Torker.

Have your local bike shop look through their catalog for other 24" 48 hole rims. There are other 24" 48 hole rims besides the Sun BFR but there is not very many.

Dans Comp <> has the 24" 48 hold Sun BFR.

Thanks John, that looks perfect!

you can also get the halo combat in 24inch/48hole. It is available in black or white , and with or without braking surface. Cost around £30, or $45

Anyone know an online source for a 48 hole 24" rim? I can’t seem to find any in the US.

i dont know if you still need it but i do have the 24" inch big fat rim

i have a BIG FAT RIM by Sun Rims 24"

Just a guess, but at about a decade later he’s not likely to want one anymore.

Wow super bump, but the sun is 36a spoke

Is this a 48 hole? I’m interested, what are you wanting for it?

It’s 36 hole

oh sh**, my bad lol didn’t put attention to the date