Are cycling shorts with crotch padding any good?

Do they really make a difference in comfort? They are quite expensive.


They aren’t cheap, but they do make a big difference for any distance or muni riding where you are sitting on the saddle for hours rather than minutes.


I’ll add another “yes”. They can be ridiculously expensive if you go for top of the range shorts, and the really cheap ones aren’t so comfortable (too many seams). I find a good compromise is something like the DHB Earnley ones that Wiggle sell (about £25 a pair).

I don’t know about baggy style shorts - for some reason I think they look silly (although lycra race shorts probably look far sillier to non-cyclists!)


very cheap ones can be good - check the pad is one piece and the seams aren’t bulky. my second favourites cost only £10 (Condor Cycles own brand)

Cycling shorts make all of the difference. It is so profound that I would recommend shorts before a new seat for most people complaining about discomfort.

Yes. I don’t think I would have ridden anywhere near as much if I didn’t wear them.

My preference is for the lycra race type ones, but with some baggy shorts over the top.


I’m tempted to give some of those a go Mike - way cheaper than anything I’ve had before that I liked. They don’t seem to have an online shop though…

I’ve had various cheap and expensive ones and sort of settled on the DHBs as a good compromise. I had a phase of using mid-range Endura ones, but they’re more expensive and no better IMO.

How long do the Condor ones last you? I tend to have about four pairs on the go and with the DHBs I’m probably replacing one pair every year-and-a-bit, which I reckon isn’t bad when I use a pair every day for some form of cycling.


Yet another ‘yes’ here for cycling shorts, especially if you’re having pain. They may be the single best purchase for increasing your riding enjoyment.

Certainly. Purpose made cycle shorts next to the skin.

I wear some £10 Lycra type ones with a foam insert and they do the job for me. I wear some baggy sports shorts over the top so I don’t scare the ladies.

I don’t know if you’re a lady or a gent but if you are a lady you need to make sure that the padding comes far enough up the front, because I’ve had a couple of pairs where the padding ended in a very uncomfortable place.

Another vote for cycling shorts, a must have imo if you’re out on rides. I usually wear a pair of long-ish shorts over the top, for the handy pockets and… well, my days of lycra only are over :slight_smile:

When you find a pair of knicks that works for you, stick to them. For me that’s mainly been about the chamois vs the cut of the knicks. Some chamois have seams and rough thick edges that cause chaffing, more-so at the cheaper end of the range.

Also keeping them fresh and fester free helps :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 5 pair of lycra shorts. 3 are cheaper and two cost big $$$. I use the cheap when I muni since I’m off the seat often and the expensive ones for longer street rides. I still have to get off at least once/hour to cool things off. Before shorts and the KH seat I had to get off every 5-15 minutes. Lycra is not so flattering on an old person but I don’t care. baggy stuff can get caught on the seat while mounting. If I don’t look so hot, no one has to look:D.

I hated the looks

I forget who gave me the link. I bought 2 pair of slick lykra shorts for 15 $ each, and one pair of 30 $ padded in the crotch lykra shorts.

Awesome, for the 30 $ padded lykra set. The set I have is so lame, you will be glad I cut off the tag and can’t put in a brand plug.:slight_smile:

I think they look like dorky shit, and my pair is such low quality that I wear them inside out ( that way the smooth side is inside).:slight_smile:

That said, if you can suffer the style hit(these are very weird almost painted on shorts), the padded 30 $ bike short I bought a year ago is what I wear most rides. If it were cotton it would have rotted away by now, these 30 +$ padded bike shorts hold up so well that you can just rinse them in water and they last a year or more.

Padded, tight fitting bike shorts are the most comfortable setup, even down here in the South. Normal loose fitting cotton shorts bunches and rubs, in comparison, and won’t go the distance in comfort.:slight_smile:

I love the pair of padded cycle shorts I have now. They where just the store’s name brand one’s, nice and cheap. They don’t have very thick padding. I also put shorts over them when I’m on the uni. This may stop though and I may break out a cycling jersey to go with them.

[QUOTE=OrganicSteam;1264235I also put shorts over them when I’m on the uni. This may stop though and I may break out a cycling jersey to go with them.[/QUOTE]


You either have to go stealth with them under some mesh workout shorts, or go all out with the cycling jersey.

Otherwise you just like like a weirdo with an 80’s lycra fetish.

I am the weirdo with the lycra fetish I suppose :astonished: :astonished: . I wear the shorts with a T-shirt. I refuse to buy a jersey. Too trendy for me :sunglasses: .

I like the shorts with gel crotch inserts, but to be honest, I’ve found the expensive ones have better, thicker, more gelatinous gel.


Please! Buy two pairs and wash them every couple of rides, then you won’t stick to them.

You’re riding a unicycle, you’re going to look like a weirdo to any non unicyclist anyway. Nobody has ever commented on the lycra look whilst I’ve been unicycling, they’re always found something else to comment about :wink:

They’ve lasted ages, I’ve still got both pairs in use! there’s a rummage bin in their shop in central London which is of no use to you… and I’m not working near there any more. the chamois is very, very simple, which is why they suit me well for the non-bike-shaped saddle. the worst shorts I’ve had were by Orca which had a very complex-shaped pad.

Definitely worth a try if you can get them.