Looking for an app to track speed, distance, mapping, etc. There are too many to choose from.

What are you using and why do you like it???

I have only used Endomondo and am very happy with it. No reason to try anything else.

I use and here’s my profile.

I wish I could say that it is special, but it is the first one I tried and it works. It has a large list of categories of activities, e.g. biking, hiking, walking, etc and I have petitioned for a Unicycling category but for now I do with Other writing in Unicycling. There are a couple of other unicyclists on it as well, but not nearly enough, or at least not nearly enough who bother to write in unicycling as their activity.

But as I said, it gives me my time, speed, and distance and that’s all I need. Under Info it also keeps track of my total distance over all the rides I’ve done, which I like.

I’ve tried several and now I’m using
Main reason is that you can edit the track after uploading quite easily and my mobile’s gps has a lot of noise in the results, so I can straighten up the recording.
An example one:

I usually use sportstracker, but there are a group of unicyclists using endomondo who have started a couple of challenges (which I’ve been failing miserably at)

Link to the currently running challenge here

I use EveryTrail too, but I don’t use their iPhone/Android app because I record my gps data through a dedicate gps receiver and upload it from my PC.
But I like how the map on their site replays my trip with a red dot following the trail. And I embed the maps in my blog.
Other sites may have similar maps, but I liked this one the best when I started recording my rides a few years ago.

What gadget do you have? If it is Android or Blackberry, I’d recommend Trekbuddy. Especially it works with offline maps. Also available if there is no service. No data roaming when traveling.