Applying skating terms/ideas to unicycling

Kevin (tugboat) mentioned in the grinding thread about using skating terms/ideas in unicycling. I talked shortly to Dan Heaton about this as he has done amazing things with merging a street skating style with street trials/freestyle unicycling. Here are some ideas I had.

When hopping with your opposite foot forward, that could be like riding switch in skating.

When grinding/crank grabbing/pedal grabbing with your back foot that could be like doing whatever your doing (grind etc.) fakie. (using the term nollie too just seems kind of weird)

Dan was working on hopping up something like a stage, coasting, then dropping off of it which would be like a manual. So I guess a coast or glide could be like a manual.

We obviously don’t have as many flip tricks as in skating but incorporating the unispin could be like doing a flip trick in skating.

I’d like to hear your ideas.

I think the first two suggestions are good, because they’re short names for concepts that we have to deal with, and which don’t have names at the moment, that i’m aware of. I’ve also heard people try to translate the skate/snowboard concept of frontside and backside tricks to unicycling. I don’t think its entirely clear which side should be which, but if it was defined well, it could be usefull in describing tricks.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to rename gliding or coasting though. Everybody already knows what those words mean. Same thing for unispins.


i agree with the unispin and coasting/gliding. i imagine just a merging of the concepts. plus, i have no idea what else you would call a unispin.

i thought about using frontside and backside, but the thing about skating/snowboarding is that you’re facing with your back to one side and your front to the other. so, when you spin one way your going towards your back or front whereas with a unicycle you’re just going to either side. however, a substitute that meant basically the same thing but made more sense would be interesting. this could also be applied to jumping towards your “bad” side, and your good side since a lot of us feel more comfortable spinning/jumping to one side.

There was a thread about this stuff earlier, a lot earlier. Like a year ago. I’ll try to find it, but it might be gone by now.

Ah, here we go:

thanks james. however, as ben pointed out the problem with applying different terms to already known tricks, i wouldn’t necessarily want to replace already existing names. but emphasize on the way these tricks are already conceived, and possibly explore new ways to view them like what Dan was doing with coasting and Kevin’s idea of how an “odd” way of doing a grind or grab to some people, could now be construed as a different trick. while i like the idea of a coast or glide being used as a manual i wouldn’t want to see it get replaced with that name. but when you think of “coasting” as synonymous with “manual”, new ideas pop up.

:smiley: since this is basically what i titled the thread, i’ll try to save myself by saying that i wouldn’t want to see these terms replaced, and when i said apply i pretty much meant compare.