Appalachian Trail

I’ve often entertained the idea of Hiking the entire Appalachian Trail (maine to georgia).

Now I’d rather MUni it.

Has this been done?

Maybe we could organize a pack of wild MUniers!

Without a chase vehicle, could one carry everything needed? You can really load up a Mtn B*ke. Can’t put saddlebags on a Uni???


Firstly I think you would have to get some kind of special permission as they do not allow bikes on the AT. I know a mUNI is not a Mtn Bike but it does do the same kind of trail wear, so they are likely not to allow it.
Secondly, you would spend a large portion of your time hiking regardless, probably over 50%. AT is not even hiker friendly thru some areads, riding would be impossible.
Still even if you only got to mUNI 50% of the time it would be pretty cool!!! :smiley:

Appalachian Trail

Legalities aside, since backpackers need to carry 2 to 3 weeks worth of food to do the Trail, on a Muni, you’d better be good at surviving on bark and leaves and moss. It’s not a jaunt-from-the-parking-lot-and-back-type of trail. As zod said, it’s not even hiker-friendly. There’s no place for sag-wagons on it, either. If you’re not talking about doing some kind of distance (days’-worth, as opposed to hours’-worth) what’s the point of Muniing it, anyhow?

I had thought quite a bit about doing this a few months ago, but finally decided that even if I were allowed to ride it through some legal loop-hole, I’d still be compromising my ethical integrity (and would probably piss off a lot of hikers and park rangers). Plus, as stated above, a large portion of it is, if not impossible to ride, at least excessively challenging in the context of a several-month-long muni trip. However, there are plenty of long-distace trails out there that are cycle friendly, such as the C&O Trail which I plan to muni sometime in June or July this year. Here’s my thread on it from a month ago, U-Turn gives some good tips and links. My offer still stands if anyone wants to join me. I’ve got my schedule pretty much worked out, I’ll start on the Georgetown side and should arrive in Cumberland on the 6th day.

Thanks all.

Hell-o-w, thanks for the link. Maybe AT isn’t the one. But there’s something out there. I’ll digest for a bit.

The AT is definitely the wrong one; you 'd probably get a ticket at the least. Not to mention the much more eminent danger of hundreds of angry hikers. It would be a really rough trail for a heavy pack, as well. But you are right, there must be some really good off-road multi-day rides here in the East. Hopefully we can explore some of the Airline Trail here in Connecticut this summer, which is an old rail line that went diagonally across the state, and is now a bunch of somewhat-connected, somewhat improved rails-to-trails. The whole trip might be a challenge someday.

Your doing it backwards (uphill) why? its alot cooler to finnish in DC too all smelly and with torests all arround you. Still concidering riding if I’m not in California durring that time


I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. You live closer to Cumberland; I live about 20 minutes from DC. I figured it didn’t matter which side I started on since I’d have to take the shuttle either way, either before or after my trip. From what I’ve read the uphill factor isn’t that bad, I thought I’d enjoy the extra challenge anyhow. Also, I thought the cooler sites (like the Paw Paw tunnel) seemed to be toward the Cumberland side, so I’d kinda be saving the best for last.

However, riding in DC is a lot of fun, too. I’ve taken the Mt. Vernon trail up there a dozen times. I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to rework it all from the other way, if people who want to go would rather go that way. There’s still a few months to work stuff out. Just to slap a date on it, I’ll plan to start July 12th.

Hey hell-on-wheel! It was good to ride with you on Saturday at the NJ MUni weekend. I didn’t make the connection to this thread at the time. Did this trip ever work out?

Yeah I really had a great time this weekend. Thanks again for letting me try out that beautiful coker.

I’m afraid the C&O trip never happened. I worked two jobs over the summer to pay off my car and get a new muni (both pictured below; I think it was worth it), so I couldn’t take off a week or afford a better pack.

It’s still on my “to do” list, though. I may try to work it out for spring break.



Let me know any happenings with that. I’m up for it anytime



Not only do I want to do this trip, I can tell you I will do this trip. I am definitely going to be in on this. My only stipulation is that it can’t interfere with UNICON 12. Anyway, I’ll respond more to your other post.