Hey all! How’s it going? I was messing around on my trials course today and decided to throw a little vid together. There are a couple of clips that are from a couple months ago as well. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!
Peace, Jackie

P.S. Oh, yeah. It is supposed to be that corny… heh.

Thats pretty awesome, nice rolling hops.
That salad looked like a pile of tomatoes to me:p

I thought it was great!

The music, the riding and the scenes… Anywhere…


i liked your riding. but the music? i could be in a salad! lol:)

Thanks guys!
The music was by King Missile. They’re craaaaaazy…

yay, good food to help unicycling, thats your secret right?

You’ve got it, man! Eating tomato salads improves balance!!
Kind of like how eating carrots improves sight. Y’know?

nice but wtf was that black thing on the ground at 1:16

Haha! those are two of our dogs.
The blacker one is a puppie and won’t let the others have a moments peace.

well that means more pizza for me! :slight_smile: (the tomato bassed ones)