Anything wrong with the home page?

Today when I open the forum I’m brought to an empty page. Seems unusual.

I’ve also noticed something similar today. I can only see 2-3 threads when I first open the forum on mobile, but once I enter a thread and go back to the homepage it’s back to normal. Also if I click on the logo it goes back to the normal list of all threads.

@Canapin same for me !

Based on the screenshot it can either be:

  • normal as it is the new threads only (see New section is selected) whereas the Welcome page with all the sections would be more Categories or Updated (for the most recent posts)
  • not normal if there was new threads created since your last visit or if the default view is the Updated one

Found more abnormalities on the mobile version:

When I open the forum from the address bar:

When I refresh:

I’m not sure, it’s just unlike it used to be - by “used” I mean before today. Before today it always have posts listed, even including those I’ve read and have no new replied.


This is what I see when I first visit, also.

Even if there have been replies or edits to previous threads.

I think I liked the “old” version that placed blue dots on threads that had replies that were unread.

Like this…

I can go to PreferencesInterface and change Default Home Page to Categories to get my desktop home page back. Guess it was reset by some changes of the forum.

Do you guys still encounter the issue? I’ll update the forum just in case, but I didn’t change anything related I think… I just added the “Top” link to the navigation bar, after “Latest” :thinking:

I changed a setting again. If you didn’t manually change your home page in your profile, please tell me if everything’s OK for you now.


I’d also had this issue but seems to be sorted now :+1: Cheers


Seems to be working properly now! Thank you!

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