anyone ever seen those grind plates for pedals on and I was wondering if they will fit on my snafu pedals along with the snafu pins, cuz some people said that they had some that didn’t fit so just wondering
THanks Tommy D.!

yea i finally found it on the site…same questions but for the oddessy twisted pro pedals


They definately fit snafus, just take the pins out of one side (with a screwdriver). They do NOT fit odyssey twisteds.

“Will grind-plates fit Snafus?”

Sorry to sound like a grouch.

If you’d put “Will grind-plates fit Snafus?” as your subject line, you would’ve had many more responses to your thread than you got with the vague 'Anyone?"
People ignore threads with vague titles.

Something to bear in mind to get the most out of these fora.

yeah, always describe wat u are asking or talking about in the title, thats what its there for!!

and yeah they deffinetly fit the snafu pedals coz my mate uses the danscomp plates in his snafus