Anyone using the Echo 160mm Isis Cranks?

They have some very nice looking cranks, expensive, but what nice colors!

I’m wondering about the threaded drive side, ie is it a problem or is it no big deal. Are the forged units strong enough or should I get the CNC’d cranks?

Wow and people thought that cranks like tensiles and sym cranks were expensive. Compared to bike cranks they are nothing!

Sorry I can’t actually answer your question, I would have the same questions. Were the forged cranks you were looking at the Monty ones?

Well, I like the least expensive cranks, but the colors are awesome; though I’m sure they’d scratch up. I found some in a Canadian shop for a lot less, but I wonder if they can ship south…

Just as most places in the US ship north, many Canadian shops ship south. The nice thing about buying from a Canadian shop, is that some do deliveries to the US often and therefore drive through the border themselves to save on shipping and border fees.

I would just go with whichever are the lightest, I don’t think you will notice the strength difference, but the advantage to trials cranks is that there is more research that has gone into them.

It is also really the only upside to going with bike cranks.

yup I have the 160mm echo cranks on my 26" Muni. I loved them from the first time I used them and still just love how they feel.

Funny how 5mm can make such a difference.

edit: the threaded part is not a big deal at all, doesn’t get in the way. I have the plain CNC’d cranks (second from the top) in black.

Those prices are Canadian by the way. HBtrials is in Quebec.

Any reason to think these cranks would or would-not stand up to 5 foot drops from a 180 pound person plus gear.

trials cranks - should be able to hold up to a lot of stuff.

This is good logic generally though I hear that unicycles develop more forces than bikes when all else is equal and this makes sense. Also, if they are strong enough, I wonder why the moments aren’t lighter when these are over 130g lighter than the moments.