Anyone used Noxzema as a cheap anti-chaf cream?

Got a tip today from my LBS as I was staring at the $15 price tag on anti-chaf cream. The guy told me that an old roadie trick was to just use Noxzema, which is about $12 less. The lovely wife got me some today, haven’t tried it yet, but just wondering if anyone has. Or if you have experience with some other cheap alternative?

I haven’t tried Noxema but Vaseline Creamy works well and is also cheap.

My doctor told me Crisco (shortening) is good for those “hot spots” in the tender crotch area. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think about it 10ish miles into a ride.


I have used vaseline extensively for distance and found it to be quite good. I have to use a lot but it is pretty cheap. It also comes in a ton of sizes so you can bring a small container on a long ride. As for the crisco suggestion, I would leave it in the kitchen.

Thanks for all the feedback. Maybe I’ll whip up a batch of noxzema/crisco/vaseline mix!

I have read different posts on here about chaffing and stuff. When I started riding back in the 70’s, a buddy and I would ride miles on our old schwinns. I never had a problem with chaffing. We found that the Schwinn seat when adjusted properly worked ok. Maybe a different saddle? Just a thought.

Just make sure you don’t get things mixed up and cook with it.

Nonsense. I cook with it all the time. I don’t get zits; I smell like fresh baked cookies, and I’m a slippery customer.

What more could you ask? :stuck_out_tongue:

Noxzema is supposed to be really good when bike touring - it cleans and is anti chaffing. I haven’t tried it, but my friend uses it on longer bike tours. On my bike tour I brought a small thing of Vaseline and gold bond medicated powder. Towards the end I wasn’t using vaseline, just the gold bond.

Sounds worth a try, thanks!

Definitely not outside my realm of possible mishaps!

Okay. I tried the Crisco. All laughing aside, it really helped. My husband won’t let me bring the can of Crisco into the house though. I don’t know what the big deal is. It’s not like I double-dip.

I started to get some chaffing/rubbing on my left leg while riding my 36er, which has the dual-barred coker handle handle on it. Since it has TWO bars side by side, and it’s wider than the saddle, some people’s legs rub on it while pedaling, and this can lead to sore spots.

So I put an ace bandage around it so it would be protected while riding, and also give it time to heal. I also switched back to my “uni-stem” extension so the dual-barred coker handle part is out in front, so there is no longer any leg contact there.

I also feel more comfortable riding with the longer extension; it lets me stretch out and lean down bit more if I want. :smiley:

I want to see a video of this setup : P but you haven’t posted one of you riding this to my knowledge. Only the regular pi bar setup.

I’m going for a beach ride in about an hour, so I’ll try to get some footage. :slight_smile:

Are you referring to this tutorial from a while back?

Sweeet! :smiley: thanks, I may want to try a similar mod, my pi bar is on it’s way!

I just got back from a beach 36er ride with the “uni-stem extension” mod. Will post in the vid section when done. :slight_smile:

What about lard? It’s all natural. :wink:

When people speak of Noxzema do they mean Noxzema “cold cream” for removing make-up or Noxzema moisturizing cream?

The reason I ask is I have a blue jar of the moisturizing cream but have hesitated to apply it to the sensitive parts since it contains some kind of menthol like substance. I’m all for feeling nice and tingley but I can’t imagine finding out it is the wrong stuff after ten miles ride away from home! :astonished: