Anyone riding the TRYALL STIKY 26" Tire?

It’s listed on the Koxx website, but I have never seen one in person.

How much do they weigh? Are they one or two ply? What tire(s) does it compare to?

Yes, I was wondering about that too. My question remained unanswered in that thread though. I am considering to put one on my geared 26". You can get them in black or white too, although white seems to cost a little extra.

It’s the stock tyre on the Koxx Monster 26" Muni. The pictures look intersting, I like the width and apparent volume. I would prefer a 26 x 2.5 sticky trials tire over a 2.5 XC MTB tire since it will probably be more unicycle friendly.

How would it be more unicycle friendly?

Trials: Sticier tread, higher volume, stronger sidewall, slower
MTB: Lighter weight, thinner sidewall, harder rubber, faster

So it depends on what you want. Because Unicycles are inherently slow moving, and because I tend towards technical riding, I want a tire I can run low pressure and one that will grip wet/rough surfaces. Tires like the WTB Stout are fine for true XC, but they suck for tech as they don’t have the volume to absorb terrain, nor do they have the rubber stickiness or sidewall strength to be run at low pressures.

I’m leaning toward a 2.5 so that it’ll be a little lighter and faster than a 3.0, but I don’t want to compromise grip and shock absorption by running an MTB XC tire.

So, any STIKY tire users out there?

I went ahead and ordered one, I’ll weigh, measure, and ride it, then post a review.

Cool, I doubt I’ll ever get one for muni though. The Stiky definately isn’t a bad street tire and I find it to be a decent trials tire. For now I tend to like my CC more for trials though I definately think I could get used to the Stikies grip.