Anyone riding the Iron Horse Classic this year?

I’m going to be attempting the Iron Horse ride from Durango to Sliverton in SW Colorado on May 26. I know that Aspen Mike and Colorado Tom Miller have completed it the last two years. Especially Mike has a great write-up on the ride from two years ago. I am new to uni since September, and my longest ride to date is just under 40 miles, but I have been doing lots of hill climbing and I am fired up to give it a try. Anyone else out there planning on riding the Iron Horse?

i will be there…but probably on a bike.

i notice you are in golden, were you riding lookout a week or so ago?

Lookout Mountain

Lookout is my main training ride. I’ve been going up as much as I can. There is another unicyclist, “Trailguy” Bill, that also rides Lookout regularly. Most likely you saw one of us.