anyone remember Kickman?

i do.


i played this at a corner store about 15 years ago and havent seen it anywhere since…i was hopeing it would be on the new Midway Arcade Classics disc for my x-console-box but it isnt…oh well.

No, but I remember the Nintendo game Circus (no unicycling, but an addictive game)

I don’t remember that game but…

Can you think of any ideas on what a new unicycling video game might have?

I’m considering putting together a computer game teaser for an assignment I have to do next year. I’ll be aiming for an exciting compilation of extreme unicycling videoes, 3D animations, in-game graphics and original music.

Basically, I’m after any ideas or opinions you guys might have on what you’d want out of an XBOX/PS2/PC unicycling game?

I would also want to be able to explain any outstanding features like unlocking new tricks, online multiplayer action and customizeable unicycles and characters.

Which styles of UNIing would you most want to play?

Hands up who wants to endorse it :wink:


there have been long discussions on the topic, i believe, use ‘search’ and you’ll find much discussion

no there hasnt.theres been two threads,this and one other.

I have alot of suggestions. First it should be set up like Tony Hawk pro skater so you can choose you player and be able to unlock new levels/tricks. Also you should be able to choose between a muni and a street/trials/feestyle mode. In the Muni mode it could basiclly be a race against either a computer player or another person. To unlock a new level you would have to beat the computer player in the previous level. In the street/trials/freestyle mode you would do tricks to earn points. These tricks could be freestyle or street/trials tricks. Trick combos could earn you more points and levels could be unlocked by winning competitions.
These are just some of my ideas. I would be awesome if you could make a game. I still have nitendo64 but I would definately by a new console if a uni game came out.

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On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 11:37:01 -0600, jagur
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>Sofa wrote:
>> *there have been long discussions on the topic, i believe, use
>> ‘search’ and you’ll find much discussion *
>no there hasnt.theres been two threads,this and one other.

Jagur probably means the top result of this one (link takes you to
Google Groups):

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nope,thats not the thread i speak of. ,how careless,Klaas.

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Yes Jagur, I remember this game. Can anyone hum the song “Memories” :smiley: --chirokid–

Ok, definately go for a Tony Hawk’s type setup and maybe choose which disciplines you would do.

There must be someway of representing the challenge of moving, rather than just pushing ‘Forward’. Controlling how far you lean into both corners and jumps would be important, as well as your angle of takeoff. And also pre-hops etc etc. I suppose hitting harder obstacles on a Muni course would get you more points and also how you get over them. Same with Trials I guess. Freestyle would be slightly different I suppose, as you don’t really have anywhere specific to get to, you’d just be able to do tricks in a hall or something!

Once points are earned, new parts could be bought and also new moves, like mounts etc. More points should be earned depending on which foot is forward for hopping etc. But jump height and balance should be something that progresses according to how much jumping or rail riding or still standing your character does- not simply bought with points.

There could be novelty rounds where you have to ride giraffes to save children from burning buildings etc! Maybe a hockey tournament to unlock?

One concern though- would there be many characters to choose from??

Instead of your basic tony hawk style video game, you should have a matrix-style uni/action/adventure game with guns and stuff. This would be DA BOMB!

You could be wall-ridding matrix style while shooting bad guys with your uzi’s and then dismount to beat them up with your uni.

I dreamt of something similar…

Hey! How come you don’t mention the gamecube!?

I’d rather play it in the comfort of my basement than in the awkwardness of my kitchen…

in one of the other threads about this same topic, it was argued that such a game might be bad because it would not represent the difficulty of riding and doing tricks (tony hawk does same for skateboarding) but think of how many kids would want a unicycle for christmas after playing this game for the first time…

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yeah,you were born just before the great video game arcade was a crazy time back then.all the kids would go hungry saving lunch money and selling all their Star Wars toys to pawn shops for quarters to slip into latest coin-op after school.

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I agree it was careless that you didn’t initially include a reference
to the thread you meant. But I’ll forgive you.

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Lardy Tarr…you will be getting a nice lump of coal in your stocking now.

Yeah. i was more of a Nintento 16bit man myself.

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