anyone know what uni this is?

hi everybody,
i was just checking ebay for unis like i do everyday and there’s some trials unis that look like the old nimbus’s but they’ve got a black frame, does anyone know anything about them, heres the address thingy (i don’t know how to make a link)


cool it turned it into a link

Hmm…probably custom built.

Looks like: a Yuni frame, suzue hub, DX32 rim, Luna tire, quick release seat post clamp, 127mm cranks, and a very uncomfortable seat.

yeah, I know all of that but what pedals is it?

looks like Primo pedals?

remake viscount seat

thats the seat that came on the first run of Onza trials uni’s.


The pedals look kinda like azonic fusion pedals, although fusions have sealed bearings.

Don’t ride trials with that quickrelease seatclamp. It’s not safe.

'Tisn’t a quick release seatpost clamp. It’s one of those horrible ones that don’t do up tight and hit your knees. If you buy this uni, replace it with a two-bolt allen key style one…that’s what I’d do anyway.


What terrible photography!

That’s painful to look at.

Looks identical to my trials that.

Black powdercoated nimbus 2 (yuni? Like that, before they got silly wide and with plastic bits), same wheelset as the older nimbus trials, fake viscount seat, 127mm steel cranks (that seem better than bicycle euro, but heavier.)

The pedals seem like a cheapo platform type, the one’s with little ridges moulded into the pedal body rather than removable pins. I changed them, but I had some pinned one’s lying around anyway.

The seat clamp is also a bit pants. As Andrew said it’s not a quick release, it’s basically just a bolt with a small handle, which hits your knees and won’t tighten very well. On mine the actual collar was welded to the seat tube, so a standard bolt through that has done the job nicely.

Not fantastic, but it does the job with a few cheap upgrades. Having said that, by the time you’ve done the upgrades, especially the seat if that bothers you (some don’t care about a comfortable seat for trials) you might as well just get the nimbus trials from

I should add that because the flame is black it looks very cool with red flame stickers, but that might just be me.


Re: anyone know what uni this is?

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> Hmm…probably custom built.

Doubt that it is custom, it is in a big bike shop about 15 miles from
here. The shop has 6 of these for sale.