anyone heard of the UDC Max Traction - 24 x 3" from

i’m savin gup for a UDC Max Traction - 24 x 3" here’s the descip on it:

With more happening in trials and radical jumping we at have assembled one of the most popular requested specials. This machine should quench many people’s thirst for a durable off-road machine capable of taking a real hammering. The large balloon tyre really helps the Max Traction travel over what you might have considered previously to be impossible ground. (Picture shows with Miyata seat and aluminium cranks upgrades)
Halo Identitti Contra 3.0 Tyre, White/Black Halo Combat Rim, 36 Hole Susue Hub, 14 Gauge stainless steel spokes, 150mm Bicycle Euro Cranks, DX style pedals, Nimbus 28" frame or the new Nimbus II frame in either 24" (for minimal mud clearance) or 28" (for better mud clearance), Double seat clamp. Viscount saddle.

£210.00 (with some extras kris holm seat etc)

i’m not experienced so i need good advice does it sound good?

Klaas Bil and myself both acquired one of these about a year ago. I think it’s a great unicycle; faster than a 20" and the 3" tyre is brilliant. If I were after a muni now it’s very probably what I’d be looking at.

I have the 24" Nimbus II frame; I think it looks nicer than the round Nimbus frame, and it has plenty of mud clearance for everything but the quagmirest of quagmires.


Didn’t you say something a while ago about being happy with your 20" and not needing anything fancy? :smiley:

I don’t own a Max Traction (yet) :frowning: so I cant help give you an opinion other than saying it is near the top of my wish list.

Anyway, take a look atthis thread to see what other people think of it


I’ve got a nimbus 24x3" which is the same thing without the stronger rim.

I think it’s a great ride and have spent many happy hours on it.

If I was getting the UDC I’d probably go for the Nimbus II frame option. I wouldn’t be keen on the Viscout seat as it’s a glued on cover and so difficult to convert to an airseat.

I’ve made a decent seat using a really cheap boggle/butterfringer seat and putting a 20" tube in it.

I think at some point I’ll upgrade to the UDC wheel (black rim so my tyre looks even fatter!)

If I was buying a new Muni I’d be getting the UDC.

Most importantly, Rogers really helpful and looks after his customers.

i have a max traction, basically the same as what you are looking at, but with different pedals and a different clamp. It’s great, handles everything its been given, and is very strong, my friend has one, and his hub is a bit twisted we think, but this is after repeptive 5 foot drops, and the odd 6foot drop. Here’s A pic of mine, i think the only differences are the pedals and the clamp anyway.

plenty of pics here:
(if you click through the pics goto 2048x1536, so plenty of detail)

i think i payed less than that aswell, by buying bits seperate, because i got my seat at a later date, and i bought my pedals elsewhere, oh, and i stole the clamp from my bike.

Nooooo! Am I the only person in the universe who prefers the white rim? Everyone else seems to have the black version…


do not despair phil, i know someone else with a white rim, in fact, i used to have the white rims on my bike as well.

Re: anyone heard of the UDC Max Traction - 24 x 3" from

Is that a 28" frame manic_mark?

I wish that sun ringle would sell their double wide in white alone, rather than just in a wheelset. it makes me sad, but I’ll survive…

yeah, its a 28inch

I have a 26x2.6" UDC

UDC just stands for UnicycleDotCom, but sounds kool! :smiley:

Mine is lush… and it does have a black rim… with braking surface, which looks really nice!

I got the rounded frame… which i much perfer than the square ones! I find that they knock the inside of your legs…

Here is a pic of mine…


GO for the UDC!!! :smiley:

Wow, an invisible unicycle! :slight_smile:

Try this…


roger also does a lovely 24 nimbus ii frame with brake bosses.
whicj is the only thing that makes me think about getting a 24" muni

especialy since i have two sets of magura brakes that i found on a trashed bike in a local wastland.

Re: anyone heard of the UDC Max Traction - 24 x 3" from

On Sat, 7 Jun 2003 07:33:28 -0500, phil
<> wrote:

>Klaas Bil and myself both acquired one of these about a year ago. I
>think it’s a great unicycle

Yes I fully agree. Now with more splined hub options than just the
expensive Profiles I would not be sure what to buy. But still the UDC
is unbeatable for the price and has never failed on me.

BTW the pins on my (standard at the time) pedals appeared to be
removable/replaceable, although they were advertised not to be.

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Re: anyone heard of the UDC Max Traction - 24 x 3" from

I am glad you guys like the UDC Max Traction.

I assume you guys have noticed the new Nimbus Muni which is similar to the
Max Traction in all but the hub and larger frame… ok it is straight from
the box, so less adaptable but it is a good deal. for
the 24" and… for the

To answer black against white… if you want a braking surface you have to
have white, black is not available at 24" with one.

Coloured frame… Lime green! some people (Chris - I will confirm on
Monday)… yes we will do it in any colour the powder coater will get. He
does a lovely fluorescent yellow I know as he has done this for me in the

And Joe! telling everyone the secret of what UDC stands for… well. :slight_smile:

Ewan, I have a lovely mat black 24" Nimbus II frame with Magura brakes on it
in stock waiting for a call from you. :slight_smile:

Splined hub… yes we will do the max traction with a splined hub if you
would like. We have the Kris Holm hub in stock at 170mm long.


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Doh! I thought it was Ultimate Downhill Combat or something.

If that’s what it means, it should be UDUDC in the UK.

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get thee behind me satan.

Slightly OT but I have to share this. I just ordered a UDC 24x3 this morning. This evening I was in the back garden waiting for the barbeque to warm up, so I thought I would noodle around on the uni. I was doing some fairly tame hopping (only kind I know how to do), and I managed to tweak the rim.

So, was I subconsciously trying to justify the need for a stronger wheel (I even went for 48 spokes)? Or is my pashley possessed?

Argh, now I’m uniless until I get this fixed … maybe I should get a 700c rim, but I just found a 26x2.2 city tire I really like …

oops, seem to have posted twice …


thanx i’m getting 24" Nimbus II frame coz i’m only 5ft 3" and i don’t want a massive wheel i can’t wait 2 get it but i won’t be able 2 get it 4 4 or 5 months coz i have 2 save up all my money :frowning:
wish money did grow on trees…