Anyone have tips on grinding... damaged uni??

A few days ago I learnt to grind on my KH20 street at a skatepark on a grind box. I can grind about a foot quite successfully and consistently, which I am very proud of :smiley:

To my… somewhat displeasure when I later looked at the bottom of my left crank and bearing cap, they were very scratched, and just after one ‘‘session’’ of grinding. I did realise they would be scratched, but not realy to this extent. :thinking:

I was wondering if this is something I just have to live with, or if there is something I can do in future to protect my beloved fortnight old KH20 from well… complete demolition of my crank and bearing cap!!

I’d be happy to receive some advice :wink:

The more and harder you ride the more scratches you get. I’ve had my uni for a year now and it’s got scratches everywhere. Well, except the hub behind the spokes, maybe, but that’s dirty and unreachable

To minimise the scratching of cranks and bearing holders when grinding learn to grind on the pedal. It’s a better technique anyway.

:astonished: grinding on pedals!! sounds hard… that means holding the wheel up right :thinking: well i spose i had better start trying to learn that but i’d imagine ill go for the grind, either miss the pedal, or land on the pedal and hit the wheel on the floor!

Well practice makes perfect… we’ll see

Oh btw… I’m meant to grind on the front foot right? like in a crank stool…

You can practice them by doing pedal-grabs at first. Then trying small grinds. And yes, you have to balance the uni more.

Also, perfect practice makes perfect. Have good fun luck.

i wouldn’t worry about scratching cranks and bearing holders. It is common practice to have them scratched. It’s impossible to avoid if you want to get good at either trials or street, but it’s the smallest of ‘big deals’ ever. Trust me, I used to be a perfectionist who worried about scrapes, but I realised that cranks and bearing holders are fine to be scratched.

as for grinding, pedal grinds are better in a sense, bit harder to do. Take Ivan’s advice and learn how to hold the wheel up whilst stalling on the pedal.

Also you’re in Essex, close to me and Joe, wanna ride sometime? :roll_eyes:
I may have seen you once on a London ride, if you were the guy with the pony tail?

Anyways, have fun!

I do have a pony tail, however I haven’t been to London to ride…!
I added your hotmail, if you have msn?