Anyone have this same problem before?

okay so I ordered my uni last week tuesday from and it still hasn’t come…and I am freakin pissed off!!! so what can I do? or does it ususally take a while to get stuff from there?
any other problems like that happen to anyone?

yes! you might have to wait awhile. I had to wait about 2 months on the brake that went on my uni. They said they had the uni, but not the brake and wouldn’t send it without. After they were very nice though.

yeah but I changed my order to have everything in stock…so they should have sent it…and did they give you some compensation stuff for making you wait 2 months?

the most ive ever waited is 3 days and thats only becouse i live near the georgia border

well its gonna take a while if you dont pay for express shipping…but what are you gonna do about it…nothing. theres nothing you can do except maybe call and ask about the order you placed to see if its even left the warehouse yet.

I like shipping through UPS, they give you that tracking number and you go to their site and it will tell you if your package is on time, it aslo says when and where it was shipped, so far mine was shipped once, got to some place about an hour away, stayed there till 4am then got shipped again and i havent seen it get anywhere else, so maybe its been on the road for a long long long time lol

It’ll come when you least expect it. Trust me.

mines coming on the 27th, according the site, its on time, im hopping for it to be early though =p