Anyone going to Portland J-Fest?

Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending the Portland Juggling Festival next weekend. And if so, are you aware of whether they’ve scheduled any trail rides? I know there was at least one last year…

I had a chance to go cheap with the local juggling club, but I found out the dates just after I had booked a different trip for the same weekend.

Next year, I guess.

Re: Anyone going to Portland J-Fest?

Beau and I will be there leading the Muni ride as usual Saturday morning at
11am. See for a list of all
the workshops. If people are up for it, we can do another ride Sunday.

See you there!


> Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending the Portland Juggling
> Festival next weekend. And if so, are you aware of whether they’ve
> scheduled any trail rides? I know there was at least one last year…

Nathan, do you drive up or fly? If you drive you should make a stop in Corvallis/Salem, it would fun to get jagur and any one else in the area out for a Friday afternoon ride, we have some great trails around here.

Thanks Tom for starting this thread. Last year I read about the festival after the fact.

Nathan, I am now planning on riding on Saturday and maybe I will ride on Sunday too. I just spoke with Jagur and he is interested in riding on Sunday, if I can make it. Looking forward to meeting and riding with you and Beau.

Hey Muddycycle, I have to work on Friday but if you can go on Saturday your welcome to ride up to Portland with me.


The Portland Juggling Festival is a good time. I’m not much into juggling and even I enjoy the festival. Make sure you go to the Extravaganza show on Saturday night. They always have a great public show and looking at the top two acts, this year’s extravaganza should be another excellent show. They’ve got Vova and Olga this year.

I’m not going to be able to make it this year because my brother from Atlanta decided to come visit that weekend.

Re: Anyone going to Portland J-Fest?

Sorry, we have no time to drive. We will be flying in Friday afternoon and
leaving Sunday evening. Our Munis are already packed in the bag from
yesterday’s trip home from Vancouver. It will be great to see as many of you
guys as can make it. As John said, even if you’re not really into juggling,
you’ll love the public show Saturday evening.


nathan,what will the ride be like and how long is it.the jugglers web site says somthing about a canyon, :thinking: i know of no canyon on Reed’s campus.

The workshop is supposed to last one hour. We spend a little time at the beginning talking about safety gear and answering questions. Then we ride through campus for 15 minutes, then head off into the canyon.

Look at the map and you can see the canyon with its creek and hiking (and riding) trail. It’s not huge and but it does have places where we can try steep up and down, hopping along over obstacles, riding skinny boards, etc. It’s not hardcore, but it’s pretty nice for the middle of a campus.

Usually at the end of the hour some people choose to head back to other workshops or whatever while a few continue on and ride more. Let me also put in a plug for Rob Brown’s advanced unicycling workshop at noon on Sunday - always a blast.

See you at 11am Saturday!


I’m looking forward to both the ride and the workshop, especially now with CA weekend looking questionable for me.

Last year I opted out of the trail ride 'cause I was all frightened and didn’t have a big fat tire on my uni. This year I’m still all frightened, but with a Gazz on my side. :smiley:

so your going to be 45 miles from me on Saterday?

ok i get it,it just known as the canyon. somehow i missed that growing up in Portland.

Depends…if you’re going to the J-Fest, which from above thread I sensed you were, then I’ll be more like 5 feet from you. Look for a red Hunter to spot me…I don’t wear my nurse’s uniform when I’m off duty.

i just heard an FM (KINK) radio advert for this show.they were hypeing up the international side of it big time.

Yeah, that’s not surprising. Vova and Olga are amazing. Check out their world records for club passing (click on personal video to see the videos)

well its sealed,i managed to sceme a way to into blowing off my family to be at this thing…

look for a Red Toyota with some Oregonians in it about 11am.

sounds like its suppose to be 92 degrees fahrenheit! someone needs to tell Mother Nature that its freakin late September!!! (22 days over 90 this year)

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That’s great you’re coming. This weather report sounds a little better…

Right ON… Looking forward to meeting you and trying vainly to keep up in the canyon. Oh yeah, plus some 20" dorking around in the parking lot, just in case we can’t do it at CAMW.

oh yeah sure,you vanished into the building after the short muni was nice to meet you and your son who told me that he wished he wasnt 85 pounds??? i told him it was all muscle.

the ride was short and slow,i definatly have an idea now of how slow a big ride with like 30 people will go and on the 29er its hard to go that slow.

it was also 93 degrees today (another record/rediculas high)

_jagur_master walker of thee uphill

Big apologies on the building vanishing act. I thought I had heard you guys say you were staying for the day, so I went in to hose down and see what trouble my wife had gotten into. When I came out, the dynamic duo was gone. Hopefully you got another, faster ride in before you left. I didn’t mind the slowness of the group ride so much, since me and my son were usually the cause.

There are certain memories I’m convinced I’ll take to my grave, and the newest one to make that list is seeing you come bombing into my peripheral vision on the 29, cutting the switchback to pass the pack and ignoring both the defined trail and the posted speed limit in the process, then wrapping yourself around a tree to brake your speed. Unreal!! :sunglasses:

Still trying to make CAMW happen, so hopefully will see you there.