anyone from Ontario going to RTL?

I know there was a post about Canadians participating in RTL but not many Canadians answered. From the Toronto club there are five of us who are planning on doing it. I was wondering if there are any more Ontarians planning on doing this race.

I was wondering if a bunch of people around Ontario wanted to get together and do the qualifying ride together and some training rides as well.

This might also be a good thread to find someone for an incomplete team or create a team.

Hey Jeff,

A group qualifying ride for RTL would be great. I’m interested.

Also I still haven’t figured out who I will be riding with.

I’m going to RTL. I still need to do my qualifying ride once I get my 36. Anyone still interested in a group ride?

Obviously I am not an Ontarian but I will be passing through Ontario in mid May, If this coincides with a group ride I would love to go with you guys.


I am going to RTL and am from Ontario. I would be down and up for a ride anytime!