Anyone else sad the 36" foss tubes are gone?

I noticed on UDC they weren’t available. They’re not making them anymore. I contacted FOSS and they indeed stopped making them. Btw, I always thought it was John Foss who created these tubes but it wasn’t. At first, I thought these tubes were kind of weird, but really grew to like them. I had one last over a year and over 2000 miles. The only reason it failed was because once again my rim strip failed.

I have a few regular 36 tubes now but you can immediately feel the weight difference. I have 1 FOSS tube left though…

You snooze, you truly lose… I was going to order 10 of these 2 years ago but said to myself they’ll be right here on UDC…nope.

Do you think 36" FOSS tubes were light? Then, you’ll love the 36" TPU tube from 36pollici:

If you’re not keen on spending €65 for 2 tubes, you may use a cheap €5 29" Butyl tube. They can be extended to fit a 36" wheel, while being lighter than FOSS tubes.


Wow. This is why I love this forum, thank you. That is not bad for 2, the fosstubes were like $42 each. I am definitely ordering some of these.

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My electric pump is sad it will have nothing to do every week.


At your own risk, but TPU tubes can stretch a bit. I’d try a large 29+ type off AliExpress and see if you can get it to fit as well.

Yes it is.
When you have to choose between the truth and the legend, print the legend. :wink: