Anyone else have water spray problems on their geared 29er?

This week I’ve been putting some miles on my geared 29er and due to the abysmal weather at the moment most of my rides have been in the wet. I’ve noticed that in 1:1.5 mode I get a significant amount of water being sprayed up onto me. I get absolutely soaked after about 1 minute of riding on a wet surface, even if it isn’t raining.

My hunch is that this is due to the tyre moving much faster than was previously possible on an ungeared 29er or on my 36 (neither of which had a big issue with tyre spray). I’m using the Schwalbe marathon supreme tyre which may be a contributing factor.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone got any ideas for solving it? I would like to avoid getting saturated every time I ride somewhere after it has rained.

i wish i had a chance to ride a guni
it does sound like its just the speed-maybe you could some how fit on a mud guard maybe a clip on one of some sort

mountain bike style seatpost mounted mudguard/crudguard. Get em from any bike shop.

If you’re running a T7, you could possibly zip tie it to the rear handle rather than using the mount it comes with to save weight, otherwise on the seatpost works fine on mine.


The Marathon Supreme is a great tyre, isn’t it? That’s 3 of us now with them on our 29" Gunis. What do you think of it?

I don’t think the tyre makes that much difference to spray though. Living in England, I get lots of wet weather riding opportunities, and I’m sure the Big Apple was no better or worse.

As has already been pointed out, a mountian bike type mudguard that clamps around the seat post/frame is your best bet. I’ve not used one myself, but there were a few people with them at RTL and they looked sufficient.

The fact that it is a guni shouldn’t be any different from riding a fixed 29er really really fast. You are a few inches lower than you would be on a Coker though, so that might make enough of a difference as to how wet you get.


Yes, it is a great tyre. I decided to try it after your glowing recommendation on the forum. It was hard to track one down (I had to get it shipped in from Australia) but I am very pleased I did. It rides far better than the big apple.

I will investigate seatpost mudguard options, I didn’t even know such a product existed. They look like they will fit the bill nicely as I wasn’t keen to try attached a guard to my frame. It would be nice if the guard was easily removable as it may get destroyed when doing muni.

Me too

I ride a numbus 29er in Florida and when it rains I have 2 ride very slowly or else I get wet as u described. My cranks sweek when they get wet too.

I’ve crashed on mine a few times without problems. Most of them come with a bracket which is hassle to take off, but the guard itself comes off the bracket easily.


I have water-spray problems on my ungeared 20" and 24":wink:

me too, on a standard 26’

The Marathon Supreme is a great tyre, isn’t it?


Is this the one you guys are riding? I’m currently running the wider Big Apple tire on a Rhyno Lite rim, but it really reacts to road camber and I want to try something different. I thought what I had was a 700/29, but I just checked the side of the tire and is says 28 x 2.35. I’ve always found the 28 or 29 element confusing, because it seems like different companies measure it different ways. Probably just my perception, so I will now go search on that dilemma.


The Marathon Supreme is a great tyre, isn’t it?

I was using the Big Apple 2.35 tire on my geared 29 as well, and I had absolutely no problem with road camber. I think that it also has to do with what rim you use it on. I was using the KH rim, which is the widest 29 rim you can have, and I believe that really helps with camber.

I guess having a light rim and a light tire would help, but I like the high volume of the big apple. I ordered the 2.0 version, but it came too late for RTL, and now I am moving my hub to the geared 36 in a month anyway, but if I go back to the geared 29 I would try out the 2.0 and maaaaybe a lighter rim.


I’m riding this one:
I have the size described as 28x2.0

You can also read more about this tyre here:

There seems to be a couple of people that get on ok with camber and the 2.35"BA (Ahem siafirede!), but I think that the general concensus is that it’s not a good tyre for that. There’s been a few threads on it before, and even a rant or two by me about it :slight_smile: The 2.0" BA is a is a much better tyre, and was my tyre of choice until Joe put me on to the Marathon Supreme; the one that Peter Bier has linked to, not the one in your link.