Anyone altered a KH Freeride yet?

I just recieved a KH Freeride seat for my Qu-Ax Muni, and i don’t think that missing strip in the middle is that different to my late Fusion saddle.
However, i was wondering if anyone has considered putting a strip of a gel insert into the missing strip in the middle of the foam of the seat?
or even a small piece of tube?
disregard that latter idea:P but has anyone made any changes to the Freeride yet?

I asked Kris about putting gel in the middle, and he said that having it empty is more comfortable.

Terry (Muniaddict) cut his fusion cover so that the channel was more noticeable.

a gel insert in the middle would make it much less comfortable because the gel is firmer than foam.

try tilting the seat back, that makes it even more comfyerbler.