Anybody have these cranks?

I want to get some shorter coker cranks in the 125mm range, and I need them for this Sunday’s coker ride, but I may not be able to get them from UDC in time. I live in the Los Angeles area, and so far every LBS I’ve contacted have nada when it comes to short, sqaure taper cotterless cranks.

I really like the Pro Wheel 127’s because they’re lightweight aluminum, and have a little “Q” factor. The price is right as well. Then I saw these at AE bike for about the same price, and they are also 127’s, but it doesn’t say whether they are steel or aluminum. I just wish I knew where to find a pair LOCALLY or at least not too far away so I could get them here by friday (without having to pay $$$ for air shipping :astonished: ).

couple people I know for sure have them, say that prowheels are pretty good. ahollow even double drilled them, so you could pm him for a review.

with funny clockwise threading



The Sugino cranks are aluminum. I believe they’re also forged. They’re quality cranks. Keep in mind though that they’re sold by the eaches so you’ll need to order both the left and the right cranks.

I used the Sugino cranks back when I had a Pashley muni. I used the 170s. Got the tandem cranks and ordered the captain’s (front rider) RH crank and a normal matching LH crank and you’ve got a pair of unicycle cranks. Now SBS (Seattle Bike Supply) has more sizes available.

The AE Bike catalog is just the SBS (Seattle Bike Supply) catalog put online. Any bike shop can order from the same catalog, and most bike shops have the SBS catalog. So you can order them locally if you want. Just ask your bike shop to look in the SBS catalog. Whether you’d get them faster that way than by ordering directly from AE Bike is unknown. I suspect that ordering from a local bike shop might be faster for me in Seattle because SBS has a warehouse near Seattle. SBS also has a warehouse in Rancho Dominguez, CA which may be able to get you parts pretty quick if that warehouse carries the Sugino cranks.

Thanks for the great info!:slight_smile: