Anybody got a mobile number for gkmac?

If anybody knows Gavin’s (gkmac’s) mobile number please let me know either by PM or ring me on 01822 890635.
He’s probably on his way to my muni weekend but it looks like nobody else is going to be able to get here because of the floods… don’t want him wasting his time if he’s only just left :frowning:


No worries, he’s already here…

I just looked up ‘liar’ in the dictionary… it said “see Robs signature” :smiley:

STM - Getting worried about Phils promise of a dry Sleepless’

you get the same with bullsh1t :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s fantastic weather here, just as I promised. Best weather we’ve had for months. I didn’t say it’d be dry in the rest of the country :roll_eyes:

I kept my promise - it’s you lot that are all wet :slight_smile:


Also worrying about SITS. I’ve been getting in a fair bit of mud practice though.