Any word on 2004 Nationals? (U.S.)

I debated posting this in J.C., but I figured it was worth a shot here.

Does anyone know anything about the whereabouts of 2004 nationals? I might be able to go this time, and I really want to go. (Moab is a priority, but going to both would rock the house)

I know that more people will be off to Japan for UNICON and all that, but I was just curious.


I too am going to need to know soon as well. I need to schedule my vacation for the year in the next couple of weeks. If I don’t get dates, I may just get lucky like this year and hit it when I have a four day weekend scheduled. I had a great time, and sure would hate to miss it.


There weren’t any volunteers to host NAUCC 2004 after the USA, Inc.'s annual business meeting last August in Minneapolis. Since that time, the USA has investigated several potential locations. These locations were all eliminated for a varriety of reasons.

We are currently working with a potential local host on a new, strong possiblity that was recently brought to our attention. We hope to have a proposal to the USA Board of Directors soon, and to have a location and firm dates to report to you prior to January 1.

I can not, as yet, disclose the potential location, but I can say that the preliminary targeted dates fall within the period of July 9 through July 20 (i.e., just prior to UNICON XII, which starts July 23). The exact dates in the proposal will depend on the availability of the chosen venues, selection of optional events, etc.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.