Any white 19" tyres?

Just wondering if there are any white 19" tyres out there for indoor use, Try-All used to make both front & rear but they went under and now everything’s black rubber.

If 2.5" is wide enough for you: Nimbus Blizzard
But it’s a bit on the heavy side.

Yes. Description says 20", however ETRTO is 67-387, means it is a 19".

Eric was faster…

Yay! That looks pretty sick. Now I just need to find a way to get it in China…

Another question about tyres. I haven’t even got a uni yet but I know once I can ride I’m going to want to do trials, so my original impulse was to just get a trials uni from the start and use that as an all-purpose machine. With a white tyre it’d be even more all-purpose as I’d be able to ride it indoors, e.g. shopping mall which offers large spaces and unlimited air conditioning (summers get pretty hot round here). Here in China many large shopping malls have designated areas where kids can skate and ride Segways and stuff. Anyway, the question, obviously the white trials tyre would not leave marks but would it be too slippy on shiny floors?

Every time I ask a question here I change my mind about which uni I should buy. I’ve just read on another thread that smooth tyres grip better than knobbled tyres on smooth polished floors. Does it really make that big a difference? I mean, the Monty Pro Race tyre on my trials bike was very tacky when I first got it, but as soon as I put the thing out on the road dust stuck to it and it was no longer so grippy on smooth floors, but still very grippy on sharp edges, rocks and untreated wood. I could be wrong but I’m guessing smooth tyres would exhibit similar properties, in which case tread depth probably wouldn’t make a difference for indoor. The only difference would be, I suppose, that knobbled tyres might feel bumpier. If anyone has ridden both smooth and knobbled indoors I’d like to hear about it.

Would a smooth tyre be easier to learn on? If so I would consider a cheapr 20" Nimbus II with a white smooth tyre and buy the KH20/Impulse Gravity later.

Anyway, if the white trials tyre works good indoors I’ll probably just get the higher-end model directly, but I’ll wait for your opinions.

Unless it enables you to ride in a gym where you are not allowed to ride with black tires, I don’t recommend the Nimbus Blizzard. Modern trials tires like a Montry pro race or a Obr Gekok are just much better.

Concerning the smooth vs. knobbed tire: Grip is roughly equal on gym floors (and any smooth, hard surfaces for that matter) in my experience. The smoother ride of slicks is nice, but a knobbed tire will not have a significant impact on your learning curve.

Do you mean the Blizzard is not as grippy? One downside of the Blizzard is of course weight.

That’s good to know

That’s why most of us here end up with several unicycles… if not MANY! :smiley: