Any unicyclists in Dubai?

I am going to Dubai to perform next week and would love to meet up with some unicyclists there, either to ride with or to help me find a place to stay for a couple of days.

I will be staying for a week (so I can still make it to UNICON) and will be performing the last three days.

Is there any unicyclists here from Dubai or does any one know any who lives there?

Lars Lottrup - Denmark

Will Go but…

If u pay my way I will come:D

Just like field of dreams


Howdy all,

I am heading to Dubai end of this week for 6 weeks and taking a 29er with me. I am already in contact with Juan M who is living down there, and we will be catching up for some muni/cruising. Just a shout out to see if anyone else is passing through and will be in the UAE looking for some uni action! Drop us a line if you’ll be around.


Dmac :slight_smile:

Im considering moving to Dubai and was wondering if there are any unicyclist there? And where do you go ride with it being mostly desert?

Hello Lars,
So far, I think I’m the only unicyclist here in UAE :roll_eyes:

I mostly ride on the road (Jumeirah Beach) and occasionally in dirt spots - quite few around my area.
Jumeirah road is about 15 kilometers long and nice ride. There is a bike path but you can easily access some beaches.

I understand that on Friday’s/Saturday’s (weekend here) and from October through May (i guess) some guys on mountain bikes go to Hatta - quite popular from what i was told.
There is a very good bike shop called Wolfi’s Bikes and they showed me some videos. They are aware of unicycles activities but no ones does it.
I’ll check with them again in the next few weeks for details.
On Friday I normally ride my Ducati with the club so not a chance to go to Hatta but planning to do so this winter.

Going to the mountains towards Oman there are many spots for Muni but going by myself is not something i’m looking forward. It is not that far, only 40 minutes drive and roads here are excellent.

If you come, let me know :slight_smile:

Cheers, JM

I meant Wayne and dirt spots should be hard pack gravel/rocks, I’m sorry :roll_eyes:

See a picture taken with Daniel (right). If you come maybe we could explore some trails.

Hi Juan! Ahh the memories! Might be back in Dubai again mid to end of november, pending confirmation though. Can bring a muni if you are around, we should hit up the Oman trails! Hope you’re doing great.

Hi Daniel,
I’m traveling like crazy, but yes please bring your muni. I moved to a different house but still nearby.

I’ll check those trails with Wolfi’s bike :smiley:

Hope to see you soon, JM

I was in Dubai from 16 to 23 September… Should have hooked up with you then, but bringing my wheel with on honeymoon would probably not have gone down well…

The Birj Khalifa looks awesome in the background there! How do you cope with the heat and humidity?

Honeymoon and unicycling mix perfectly :roll_eyes: :smiley:

During summer is tough but winter temperatures are just extremely nice ranging from 12 to 25 C (late October through late May)
In summer it can go over 50 but mostly stay in mid 40ish. If it is not too humid, I go early morning or late afternoon and come back soaked wet but happy!

See you in UAE :slight_smile: