Any unicycle stores in Toronto surroundings?

Hey guys Im getting really pissed off I cant finda a online site in canada that sells unicycles and I cant find a store that sells them. So if any one could tell me where a good store is in arounf Toronto or so or a canadian web site that sells unicycles. Thanks i hope I find one

You’ve got one of the best uni builders right next door:

Do they have a store in toronto ?

I don’t know if Darren has a storefront or not, but I know if you give him a call that you can probably stop by sometime and check out what he has. He’s a very nice and personable guy and really helped me through my first uni purchase.

Did you even visit the link? :stuck_out_tongue:

try google maps’ing them. I’ve looked bedford up before when I was in toronto, but I wasn’t able to make it to the store.

Does he have like torko ones or somthing like whats his price rang i just want to get my first uni

Click on the pricelist, its on his site, its the only thing on his site…
He has a shop in Toronto, I think it might be a little outside of Toronto, in the greater Toronto area or something.
I think Darren is the founder of the Toronto Unicyclists which is a club in toronto.

Darren is the man to talk to indeed…hes quite friendly from what i kno and he should ahve a uni that you can get for a good price.

Ya i did look at the list the cheapest one is like 200$ i just want to start out and have it last a while

Darren’s unis beat the $90 eBay specials. I’ve gotten two unis from him a 20" freestyle and a 29" road uni - they’re both great and holding up without any problems.

If nothing, shoot him an email and let him know what you’re looking for. A likely recommendation will be a 20" or 24" freestyle type of uni… it’s what most of us learned on.

get the $200 bedford trials its a monster i wiegh 230lbs and i took it off 2 foot drops. granted it bent a bit but thats just cuz i way over abused it…its an excellent uni.

Dont have that much money to spend on a unicycle i just want something to learn on but it will last me a while
here u go then … they are online but they ship to canada (free i think)

just tryin 2 help u out

El Senior Honda:

You can buy a cheap uni at the local bike shop for about $120.00 here in TO, but you will need another one within a few months if you seriously attempt to ride it. And it will be very uncomfortable to ride. But that said, a cheap uni is better then no uni!!!

Check out the Toronto Unicyclists at and then come out to our practice on Thursday evenings. You can then see the different uni’s, talk to experienced riders and make up your own mind. I bought one of those cheap uni’s whe I started out and then had to buy another one within a few months. So in the long run a quality uni is cheaper!

The toronto unicyclist’s website is under construction but the practice nights and map to the location is valid.

Rob Phillips

Call Darren before you come to the toronto unicyclists practice and he will bring a uni that you can borrow for the evening!

Thanks for the tips guys. But Thats what I was thinking if a buy a cheap one then ill have to get another one in a few moths becuase im really into it so im just going to get a torko lx hopfully thanks oh and just call me phil

hey kool…my name is phil too! i just thought that was kool.

it a torker, not a torko, i think thats what you talking about

Yeah sorry about the spelling but thats cool that your name is phil