Any tips for saddle cover repair?

I brought my Oracle along on a recent business trip and tucked it into the trunk of the Ford Focus I was renting. This was fine on the first day, but on the second day I moved some stuff around in the truck and when I closed the lid, the curved hinge rail came down and pierced a hole in my seat cover.

It was like a knife to my heart :frowning:

This is a Freeride Fusion seat. The top is vinyl. I guess I can buy a replacement seat cover for it, but I was wondering if anyone had tips on how it might be repaired - I’m thinking about gluing and/or sewing a vinyl patch to the underside of the cover. Not too concerned about how it looks, but would like it to be durable and not cause chafing.

In that spot I don’t think you will have problem with chaffing as long as the repair isn’t too bulky. Most chaffing problems are from the sides of the saddle. I would put a piece of heavy canvas underneath, and serge or bar tack the cut. It would be a cool looking battle scar. Maybe use colored thread to coordinate with your uni.

Thanks. Today I learned what “serge” and “bar tack” mean!

I went to the local hardware store and found a flexible adhesive by Loctite that is for vinyl, plastic, and fabric. I removed the cover, made a patch out of an old pair of jeans (ripped in the knee from a uni wipe-out) and smeared the backside of the cover and the patch with the adhesive and glued them together. If it bonds to the fabric as well as it did to my fingers I probably won’t need to sew it. Nasty stuff.

Unfortunately, when I took off the cover I noticed that the foam was also slit. So I put some of the same adhesive into the slit and pinched it together. I hope it bonds to that too.

I’ll follow up with a report in a few months to let everyone know how well it worked out.

There are a couple ways you could try to fix that but gluing a vinyl patch to the underside of the rip is probably best/easiest.

EDIT: looks like you got it done. You shouldn’t have to sew it, that vinyl glue is good stuff. I wouldn’t worry about the tear in the foam, the cover holds it all together and adding more glue may make a hard lump in the foam.