Any sources for carbon fiber seat handles?


Is anyone currently producing carbon fiber seat handles?

I didn’t think Wallis Design was producing them any more.



I emailed Wallis a few months ago and asked if there were any plans for producing handles, and he said there were no plans in the immediate future.

(btw, where do you usually ride? I also live in the San Fernando Valley, always looking for people to ride with.)

Hi Lance,

Thanks for responding to my post.

I was asking because I am doing some research for a trials uni I am going to sell that has a Wallis Design CF base and Wallis Design CF Deathgrip handle.

Unfortunately, I don’t ride any more. I stopped riding over 3 years ago, but really longer back than that. My stable of unis is now almost gone. I have since moved on to two wheels with mtb and vintage trailer restoration.

Have fun at Moab.



I’d love a carbon fiber handle. It breaks when my ass lands on it doing tricks.