Any riders in the Harrington / Tarree Area, NSW, AUS

hey guys, im going to be staying in harrington, which is right next to Tarree on the NSW coast from boxing day till 3 or 4 days after that.

Are there any riders in this area that would like to go for a ride?

Any info at all would be great. Thanks.

Sorry, but…Boxing Day? I’ve heard very little of it, and when I wikipedia’d it, I still don’t understand :thinking:

uhmm. its the day straight after christmas day.

bump anybody in tarree?

Hey dude, I’d love to but I’ve got a trip planned. It’s a nice little town up there. I’ll be doing a heap of riding after new years day.

Boxing day… (chuckle chuckle)


yeah we know people that live in harrington its great. great place.

i dont expect to find many people in tarree that ride unfortunatly.

My family and I spent 2 or so weeks up there holidaying and I worked on my old boss’s holiday house up there.

How was the holiday champ? Did you get any riding in?

I’m moving to Coffs Harbour and then to Port MacQuarie next year. Be up for a ride if anyone lives around that area.

cool !

Hey Mate. I live in Lake Macquarie at Toronto. We should meet and have a ride one day. PM me or use my Yahoo7 email address at the bottom of my thread page. Oh my name is David by the way.


I not sure about any riders from there in Taree but it will be very lucky to find one and I doult about using this site for posting. Good luck.