Any problem with unicycle dot uk dot com?

I can open unicycle dot com but every attempt make to access the UK site tells me I am not authorised and asks for a password.

Anyone else got this problem? Anyone know if Roger’s OK? I’ve not used the site for a while.

I can’t access it either. I wonder whats up with Roger?

Nope - same problem for me.

Working fine for me.

works fine for me too.

I got password request earlier too, works fine now. Was hoping it might have been the new KH products being put up :wink:

If it’s still a problem, try clearing your cookies.

Working fine for me now, obviously just a short term glitch.

I guess Mike’s got his credit card handy for UDC goodies!

Working again.

The problem I have with the UK site is that the ‘what’s new’ section hasn’t been updated since july 2008. That’s about 9 months ago. I know you can see all the newer stuff when clicking the ‘new stuff’ link but then you get 5 pages to wade through. I think he should improve that.