Any Muni rider around Aberdeen, Scotland?

Hi there,

I find it lonely (and dangerous at times) when I Muni on my own. I sometimes go with mountain-bikers, but they have to keep waiting for me…

Anyway, please let me know if you are in the area and interested in Muniing.


try contacting darktom, can’t rememeber which area of Scotland he’s from but he will no doubt know the Scot muni riders pretty well.

Alright, fella!

I do indeed do muni. Not too much of late tho, it has to be said.

I live in Glasgow, altho I am currently in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, passing time till the airport and flight home.

My computer at home is humped so it may take me a while to get back to you again, but I am definetly up for meeting and doing some muni somewhere.

Any good spots near you? I got the local country park or a trip in a motor for something decent.

Aye, so take it easy and we’ll speak soon.



we ( me and elke) will be municycling in the Highland´s, may be Orkney too between 18.02.2008 and 29.02.2008.
we travel by car and our route is not quite shure…but shurely we ´ll try to cycle some Munros downhill…if the wind isn´t to hard…
do you know some tracks in the Grampains??? I think its not to far from Aberdeen…
greets Jogi

Now that is a hardcore idea. Riding down big mountains which often don’t have decent tracks on them, in winter conditions.

I’ve ridden my muni down 1 munro, I’d recommend not doing it unless you like walking a lot too, the routes tend to be pretty hairy, and often not really a track, so much as a rough route that you have to follow on a map. That time of year might be a bit hairy too, you might need crampons/boots/ice axes for some of the tops. Even in summer, the one I did I had a couple of scrambly exposed bits on it, and quite a few bits that just weren’t rideable.

If there’s snow, I reckon you could muni a lot of the ski slopes like off Cairngorm or Aonach Mor, although you’d have to walk up Cairngorm, and try your luck on the Nevis Range gondola, Cairngorm won’t take bikes or walkers, only skiiers, Nevis Range officially only takes bikes in summer (the downhill track closes at the end of the summer), but they do take walkers. The Nevis Range gondola only goes up to 2000 ft though, the terrain that looks really interesting to ride in winter all starts off the top @ 4000 feet, so quite a walk up.

I was up round the back of Ben Nevis last winter, and there are some runs there that would be mental to ride when there’s deep snow, I was wishing I had a unicycle with me. But they were about 2.5 hours walk from the nearest road, and below the snow line there was a hell of a lot of ice on the rocks, which would have hurt to ride on, meaning it’d have been a long walk with a unicycle on my back to get to the good stuff.

I’ve ridden at Aviemore which is sort of nearish Aberdeen, and there’s some fantastic riding round there, which is lower level too, so much less scary in winter compared to the Munros. Also have done a little bit up near Fort William, it looked like there was some good riding going round there too.

Hmmm. Hopefully am up to the Cairngorms over New Year, maybe I’ll have a go at some of the ski slopes on the unicycle then.


Thanks for the replies…
I agree with Joe - going down the munros in february would be pretty challenging!
I have only been muniing for a year - and only regularly for the past 6 months, so I am not too much into hardcore municycling yet. However, I have been thinking of going down Lochnaggar, which is the nearest munro from Aberdeen. It is great for hiking - but I can’t remember if it would be suitable for muniing (last time I went I was not even aware that munis existed). From what I remember, it should be pretty good.
I will definitely try it sometime next year - but not before spring to have a chance of riding at least some portions of it… unless this winter is unusually mild in which case we could consider it in february.

Otherwise, I have never gone far with my muni, always staying around Aberdeen (decent tracks within 10-20 miles of the city). Convenient for my after-work muniing, but might be a bit short and limited for a seasoned “munier”.

In any case, let me know if you are planning to muni in the area. The other alternatives suggested by Joe sound really good too - I know Fort William is reknowned for excellent mountain-biking opportunities, and the Cairngorms (Aviemore area) should be good too. Maybe sometime in spring/summer 2008? Stay in touch.



Hey folks,
off cause you are right, its not so easy munrocycling in winter.
we,v done some munroes and also got winter munro experiences last december,- without muni´s and it was a hard work.
But i think its possible even when there are different problems.
First of all the weather. Even with a good forecast it may turn quick into unlikely conditions.
In clouds and while snowing there are problems to find the way and with orientation, but we have to use maps and compass anyway…
The temperatur itsself is not the problem, but in combination with wind it might be really could - and in strong winds any movement over longer distances might be impossible. So we have use the right equipment for to stay a could night uphill.
On top there are the “muni problems”.
We have to bring them up, that means minimum 7 Kg weight on top.
And most of all we have to find a suitable munro.
I know a few where it would be possible to cycle the lower part and others where we could do the upper part…but i have done none where its possible to do the whole munro with muni.
May be Mount Keen is a good one?

Or Carn Asoda?
do you know one of them?


It’s a bit too far south/low down to guarantee snow, but the munros in Glenshee that the ski slopes go up would be rideable down, although probably pretty darned boring. They are not very nice mountains though, I wouldn’t bother.

Here is one of them

Mount Keen is definitely rideable, loads of bikers have done it

This guy has more munros listed


Aonach Mor & Lochnagar

I ´v just had a look on these two peaks, really nice ones, but i think that´s a lot of walking to get up there…and the days are not to long in february, so i would prefer a “shorter” track…


What sort of muniing experience are you looking for? specifically downhill?
in terms of duration, how many hours of riding?
I know a place near Aberdeen where you can have good fun for a couple of hours. It keeps going up and down, and is pretty technical globally (lots of roots and rocks). The downhills are never very long (takes 5 minutes for the longest one) and there are no scary drops, so it probably is more like XC muni. Although some of the slopes are decently steep.
If you are looking for longer rides, then I do not know as I have never tried any.
It does not take too long to walk up to Lochnagar actually. You can do it in, say 2-3hours. That leaves enough time to ride back before dark. That is the only place I know with potentially long downhill rides I am afraid! But there are plenty others.

Otherwise, you can check this site as well - it has a good list of cycling trails with details on each (steepness, terrain type, length, etc.). The places I usually go to around Aberdeen are all listed there (e.g. Kirkhill). Most tracks referenced there would be more suitable for XC, but some should be really good and technical (some are recommended for good or expert mountain-bikers - for instance Pitfichie near Aberdeen, which I need to try soon, seems to have good drops…).



Hey Teddy, hey Joe

Thanks a lot for these really good links.
Of cause muni suitable munros are not the most interesting ones…
My next favourite Munro is the Liathach massive…but i think there is neither a way up, nor down by muni…:frowning:
but for my first munro by muni it dosn´t matter I would even try in fog.
I ´ve had only two times good sight on a top, all other we startet with sun, on top the sight in the clouds was between 10 and 20 meters and down again we saw the summits in bright sun…thats life…

and Teddy, I very intersted to ride with you around Aberdeen up and down wherever you want…
On whitch route do you ascent Lochnagar?


Muni in Aberdeen


No problem to muni with me around Aberdeen, that would be great - just let me know when you are around. Or we can plan a specific date if it helps - I am in Aberdeen pretty much all year round (where do you live??).
For Lochnaggar, it is hard to describe, but I will try: I leave from the car park and once I reach Loch Muick (or a bit earlier?), there is a path going right (towards the Spittal of Glenmuick I think). I take that one, then I do not take the wide forest track that cross the path, but I rather continue almost straight, slightly to the left. Then it keeps going up until you get to the summit.
For the way down, there are 2 options: either head back the same way or do a loop that gets you back to Loch Muick more or less in the middle of its length.
Do not know if that made sense to you… I have not found a detailed map of the area on the web - a pretty coarse one from



I see from your profile that you’re an aberdeen Municyclist. I’m starting to learn Muniing and was looking for some advice, from a local, as to where is good for a beginner.

I have a mountain bike so know all the usual spots like Pitfichie, Krkhill, Tyrebagger but was keen to get some advice as to which are good for Muni.

I just got my first Muni, as a present from santa (I must have been a very good boy this year ;)), and was hoping you could offer some recomendations.



That was an excellent idea from whomever offered you the muni!
There are lots of good places you can try right now. The ones you mentioned are the ones I typically go to, here are a few comments:

  • Pitfichie: the long smooth trail that runs around the hill might be a good starting point as it is pretty smooth yet will challenge your balance. The area is not so good once you are confortable with smooth hilly trails because you have no option between these easy trails and the really difficult MTB downhills there.
  • Kirkhill: much more versatile: if you stick to the large smooth trails and avoid the singletracks, you should be fine right from the start. It is a great area to learn because you can build up the difficulties very progressively if you want to. That was my main playground when I started going offroad (and still is).
  • Tyrebagger: I find it very rooty and rocky, so not the best to start with I think (but I don’t know all the trails).
  • Scolty Hill (near Banchory): probably similar to Pitfichie: either large, smooth forest tracks or very technical downhill with drops, etc. Not ideal for now…

So, Kirkhill would be my recommendation because you can really pick and choose whatever difficulty you fancy.
In any case, you might be surprised by your ability to ride offroad: i think it is easier than it looks and progress comes really fast at the beginning.

By the way, what uni did you get? We should try and meet up soon. I don’t mind if you are still learning: I have never ridden with any other unicyclist before, so I am really keen to meet one in my area!



I got a Nimbus 24" so I think all the subtle hints I dropped in the months before xmas must have stuck. What Muni do you have?

Cheers for the info and I think I will probably try some of Kirkhill first, trying to keep away from the fun-park. Out of curiosity have you ever tried riding Bennachie, i’ve always thought it’s a good mix of forest trails and proper up/downhill but I know if you go on a MTB the walkers are not too happy.

Is it in Aberdeen itself that you stay or out in the 'shire? The only time I’ve ever been riding with other unicyclists was when both me and my dad were learning so it would be good to see what you’re up to whilst out on the one-wheel.



I did try Bennachie - there are some good trails indeed, I need to go back as it was too windy last time I went to really enjoy it… Usually people smile at you when they see you on a unicycle, so I don’t think they will mind at all - and in addition, on a uni, you don’t go nearly as fast as on a MTB.
I live in Aberdeen city - let’s switch to PMs for further discussions as I don’t think this is of much interest to the others. Check your box!

PS: I have a 24" and a 29" (KH)


Hi - would some of you in the north east mind contacting me please. I’m keen to do a tv feature about muni for BBC Reporting Scotland and need your help. Kevin Keane - or 01224 384883