Any intrest in a 24" Pashley?

Hey there
Just wondering if there’s any intrest in a used 24" Red Pashley frame/wheel combo.
Ill put up pics if necessary but it’s in great condition, only damage is cosmetic( the pashley sticker isnt all there) as i purchased this a few years ago and didnt really ride MUni much after that… lol
So if anyone wants a great MUni frame i’ll throw iin the 6" cranks that’re on it and a panracer dh 2.3 tire and some good metalshin-rippers,
lemme know

What kind of price range are you hoping to get?

I might be interested. Where are you located?

actually its a 26"…

I live in Roswell, GA
and actually i’m think i might be mistaken on the wheel size, i think it minght be a 26"…
Wait i found it it’s this model
except without a saddle, or i might thro in a spare miyata if i can find it.
i dont know about that weight rating on’s site, i think its much more robust, it’s not an amazing rim but its a good frame reguardless

so sorry for the confusion
Any takers still?


oh and on the note of price i’m open to all offers, just send them to my email: old.soul(at) (remove “(at)”)