Any idea how good this is?!

Hi, my unicycle is falling apart underneath me and just at the right time, somebody has offered me a unicycle (his son had it as a present but never used it). The only thing is that I’m not sure what it is or whether it is any good. The only thing I really know about it is that it has a 19" wheel and a Maxxis CC tyre on it. He has offered it to me for 60 pounds (UK, my keyboard symbol button doesn’t work!) but I think I would want to barter and maybe ask to pay only 50.
Also, I already have a Kris Holm seat, so that’s not a problem.
What do you think?

POS. Cranks will bend/snap quickly, seat is very bad -with no handle- :astonished: (but has a trials tire). I would pay $50 for this, not 50 quid. Save your cash and buy something that will last.

yeah the cranks dont look strong, your better off saving a bit really untill you can get something with isis instead. you could change the hub and cranck in that to isis but it isnt worth it at all for the cost and having to build up the wheel and whatever

OH MY GOD! I had that uni! I don’t know anyone else that had one! I would say go for it. I replaced my cranks with these ones, they bent eventually but not until I had gotten far better. In fact, I snapped the hub on it, not the cranks.

The thing to watch for is the KH rim, does it have a groove that goes right the way round the sidewall? If so, they can start to ‘peel’ off if you bottom out, that happened to two rims on mine.

Other than that, its a good starter trials uni.


Don’t assume your KH seat will fit that, it may well have a different bolt pattern on the seatpost, so you may have to shell for a new post to get it to fit. Yes if you do ehavy trials on it it will break, but if you’re just starting out it will do you quite nicely. I would pay £50 for that.

I was gona say… I saw leo riding one in southend… and he was doing well.

That’s a lot more money than I paid for mine!

About £60 more in fact!

Come down to Hackney and play hockey though, and you could stand a chance of winning one for free too!


Yeah, I forgot to add that Leo still uses the frame on his K1 wheelset. Its narrower than the Nimbus, so it doesn’t hit your knees on bigger hops.
Oh, and at BUC 13, Joe Hodges told me that this frame is the only frame he hasn’t managed to break.


I can’t believe you were just given the uni for free! Usually anybody in a transit van is trying to add extra on for the fact that they own a big white van!

And Edd, how the hell did you do that to a rim?!

I’m unsure whether to go for the uni or not. The frame and rim look fine, but not sure about the rest of it. I have a set of ProWheel cranks already, so I could swap them straight onto it. The only thing that has got me thinking is whether I can arsed to buy a splined hub (in 6months or so) and re-build the wheel. It will cost me at least 70 quid or more for the splined hub/cranks, so by then I will have spent 120 on it.
Hmm, what to do, what to do. :thinking:

It wasn’t a white van, it was silver :slight_smile:

The way I’d look at it is that you’ll be paying £60 (or £50 if you can) for a frame, seat post and tyre, plus temporary use of all the other bits. How long the other bits last depends on how carefully you treat them and how quickly you can afford to upgrade. As you say, you’ve already got a seat and cranks to swap out so there isn’t a great deal left once the hub has gone…


I do like the look of it. But I think that’s because it has a 19" wheel with a nice trials tyre. If it would last a good while and make it worth me upgrading then I would go for it. It would be about 50quid cheaper, in the long run, than saving up and buying a Nimbus. But not everything would be of Nimbus quality.

With the faulty Kh rims it just happens, i was riding along a pavement when this happened.


If it’s in the same condition as the pic, I’d get it for 50 pounds.

I’d wait untill the original cranks beand/break, then put those on. And untill you have enough to upgrade to splined don’t do any drops higher than a bench (less if you are big).

hole in knee of jeans, toe poking through sock.
oh yeah!


I really don’t think this is worth it, but it also depends on how much money you have and how poor your other uni is.

You mentioned that your other uni is falling apart, and if this is true, then what does this new uni have that won’t also fall apart from your use?

Actualy I just checked out UDC UK and from the looks of it, if you bought that, then bought a nimbus hub for it, and some ISIS cranks, it would come out being cheaper than a Nimbus trials, so I would say go for it.

If you pay fifty pounds, plus 12 pounds for the Qu-ax cranks, and 33 pounds for the nimbus hub you are at 105 pounds, which is a good amount cheaper.

Bang on!
The frame is a good deal narrower than the Nimbus too, so you won’t hit your knees on it as easily. Stick your KH seat on it an you’ll have a pretty solid uni for not much cash.

This was mine


Yeah, I did think that (from both Edd and ntappin). I’ve been having a think and it would definitely work out cheaper to do it that way. The problem is, would it still be as good, or nearly as good as a NImbus? Also, I would have to go through the hastle of building a wheel.
Edd, did you buy the same complete uni? If so then what was it like in general? Were there any weak parts and how many spokes does the wheel have? Also, what size seat post does it take?
The other option is to buy a second hand wheel. Someone is selling one fro around fifty pounds. So that would still make it cheaper to buy the uni for fifty, second hand wheel for fifty, cranks for twelve and then add my own seat.

I emailed the guy selling the uni and offered him £30-40!
I haven’t had a response yet, but I’m hoping he doesn’t just say ‘sod off’!
It’d be great if I could get it for less than £50.