Any good muni near BATH, MAINE?

Yeah, I’ll do an internet search, but also asking in the event there are some locals on the forum that would have a recommend. Will be there, but not sure it’s worth my effort to haul my muni along. Anyone?


Thorns Head preserve, in bath
Bradbury Mtn. state park, in freeport
wolfe’s neck park, freeport
there are tons of trails everywhere, you would definately find something…

Bradbury is great, but it’s in Pownal, not freeport, and I’m pretty sure Wolfe’s Neck State Park doesn’t allow wheeled vehicles, Which sucks because I would be there every day if they did. (It is only 3 miles from my house)

By the way, October, Where in Maine are you, we should ride sometime.

Yeah, theres a bunch of people who would go, especially if we went to Bradbury.

Yeah, lets get a ride together soon.

I will gooo.
if for anything to get tom’s autograph!!!

Really though, if the ride was planed like a week ahead we could probably get like 10 riders to show.

I got the same impression on Wolfe’s Neck, although in going through their web info, I couldn’t find anything that specifically stated NO mountain bikes, but couldn’t find anything that said you could either, where as Bradbury called it out as a feature.

I’d love to get a group ride in if possible. I’ll be in Bath area the 30th through the 4th. While a weekday might work better for my schedule, I could probably do Sunday the 30th if that’s what works best for locals. I’ll just have to check with my peeps to see if I can get away with devoting first day of the vacation to uni instead of beach. :smiley:

Edit: in looking at the respondents so far, maybe week day and weekend are equally good for those on summer break from school? I’ll try to pin down the key events with my family so we’ve got something to plan around. Maybe I can skip “Deep Sea Fishing” day. I’d rather heave from over-exertion in the woods than heave for no good reason at all on a boat.


If you can drive down to Small Point (about 40 min south of Bath), there are a bunch of trails and dirt roads at Hermit Island Campground. Make a day of it and get over to Popham Beach State Park for nice swimming with waves and a beach that changes pretty radicaly with the tides.

I’ll come! We should set a time, and we’ll make it happen. As Kaycee said, we could get a whole crew together.

Yes! lets do it. I’m sure Tyler and Nate would come, and the whole Scarborough gang… What date is good for you guys? We need to make this happen, it’s been too long since I’ve had a Muni ride.

So what will it take to finalize? I may have spotty internet access once I’m in Maine, so I’m going to PM some of you my cell phone number so maybe we can connect that way. Sunday is a possibility, although I think a weekday would be better for me but not sure how that sits with you Maine-iacs. The Bradford place sounds great…

sunday and monday befor 3 if possible would be good. ill call you sunday morning.

change of day?

dang…I’d love to go but ive got a bike ride sunday morning for 2-3 hours, seamus/kyle/tyler give me a call when you go, ill see if I can make it, sounds fun

So did a muni ride happen? I’m always thinking nothing happens in Maine, moose/uni ratio too high etc., and then while I’m on vacation, wham, a muni ride. Any ride report?

(Sorry to poke an old thread)

Maybe some muni happened, but not with me. I flamed out on riding in Maine…too much family beach stuff going on, and not enough internet or cell where I was to make arrangements feasible. Credit to the Maine gang, though, they tried…the lameness was all on my end.

That said, I got a couple great rides in up in the Cabot, Vermont area. Went looking for them moosies, but they were all hidin’ from me.

Didja at least get some cheese? I think Cabot creamery employs the whole darned town.

We grazed the cheese…we grazed the cheese very much. The creamery tour is fun, but nothing compared to the pre- and post-tour cheese grazing in their sample room. I must have tried 25 different varieties, with multiple samples of each. They really don’t care how much you eat. I think my 12-year-old son actually out-ate me, which I wouldn’t have believed had I not witnessed it.

Best combo: private stock extra sharp plus horseradish cheddar plus roasted garlic cheddar. Yum!