any good australian stuff now ?

hey all!

i used to ride alot with matt pfeifer and luke president, but i stopped riding as much as i used to coz of some stuff in my life! but now im comin bak :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

So i was wondering if there was any aussie stuff or any uni vids that have come out while i have been away from this world :frowning:

but yea if u could post some stuff that would be mad! just nething i have missed like sweet vids aswell!

Trials2k :slight_smile: ty

Welcome back tom, starter of the word association game thread! - thats whats been going down in melbourne lately. luke hasnt filmed anything for a while though - lol he is gettin damn good though - treyflips and stuff.

You should come out for a ride one day.

Max (lol not matt!)

… hey hey!

It’s been a while.

This weekend is the around the bay in a day (b***) ride which a few of us are cokering. The weekend after is the Gravity Weekend up at falls creek and area. Then the weekend after that is the regular Melbourne unicycle meet, so hopefully we can go for a good old fashion ride before that.

Besides that, you havn’t missed a huge amount.

Luke has gotten insanely good too.

At least he remembered you! :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: There is quite a few more Aussie unicyclists on the forum now - but not many Melbourneans.

i made this movie a while ago and im trying to make another one at the moment but i havent done very much for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I learnt a unispin and im making a little vid for myself(and alex and luke(not the treyflip Luke)

alex toms and luke hilderbrat?

hey melbourne unicycler guys i am looking to take a trip over there once my exams are finished. just for a few days or so. would anyone be willing to meat up and maybe teach me a think or to?


nope lol

some of his 12 year old friends

lol ok! i was gonna say. does luke h still ride much?

yeah man for definately. name a date and we will see what we can do. i finish school at the end of november and am going away for the first half of january. other than that i am free until school goes back at the start of feb. This could be just the excuse we need to hold a melbourne street weekend!


heh… meat.

yeah, I’d be up for that and I have no doubts that Max, Luke and Tom and probably some of my school mates would too.

What dates are we talking? Where are you staying?



I think we should make it our business to make it our excuse!


It will be at the end of november or towards the end of november or even somewhere in november just after the start and the middle. No idea where i will stay, i have relatives about but last time i went there overnight we stinged it and slept at the airport.

Keven likes men.


EDIT: Wrong thread. This isn’t the “Keven’s sexual orientation thread.”

Sounds good. When you get some dates down (even just pencilled in) give us a hoy and we shall … ride!

My exams are at the start of december.

Hey, I was looking at your username a few days ago wondering if you would come back… freaky…

You lucky ozland-oneans have some of the coolest people to ride with, well, 'cept the British, and you draw with the canadians and the Kiwi’s.


Anybody know what happened to Alex Toms and Dan Cowling?

woooo CANADIANS!!!

yeah, their still riding. dan and me have been riding just about every weekend and were planning on making some new vids when i get my new camera later this year. should be good stuff. i havent seen alex in ages cos hes too lazy to get out of bed when we go ride and when we’re about to finish riding he says he’s ready to ride… but i think he was filming with dan not long ago so you might see some new stuff from them in the not too distant future…

Ahahaha, I love you ed…

Yeah, Tom(boggonist) come up here, to ride ‘n’ shit, yo.

And you can always stay at Ed’s house if you can’t find anywhere. Don’t worry, there’s always room in Ed’s house… or Ed’s pants…