Any experiences with this type of leg armor?

My Roach leg protector is almost worn out.
And I’m considering purchase of new leg protect.
I have found these type of leg armor is widely used in
two wheelers.

I’m using sometimes football players shin guard with combining
soft cloth leg wrapper. And I think it is also good.

I currently expect above two guards are also good when combined to cloth leg wrapper to prevent posterior leg
I believe these two protectors are in similar price in Korea.
Any experiences with these type of protectors?

I have seen a lot two wheelers riding/jumping with these so they must be OK. six-six-one pads seem to be the most popular amongst unicyclists. I think there are some revies in the review section of I like my 6-6-1s

I don’t see any calf protection - you’d need something (at least a layer of fabric) to keep pedal pins from raking your calves. The hard shells do protect well from rocks, though.


I usually use elastic leg wrapper(not certain how can I call
this in english) when using soccer shin guard.
Also I feel quite safe and good when using soccer shin protector
combined with elastic cloth calf protector.

KrashinKenny advised me on WILSON Brand Shin Protectors (Soccer)…They are reayy cool in the fact that they are two-piece…The Heel Cup can be worn, and then the Shin Guard can be strapped to it, and strapped to the leg for easy -off/on:D

Trust me, with the way I crash and bounce while trying to learn htis, I NEED them! :smiley:

I have Core-Rat leg armour (I have a description/review at, which is the same basic design, and I have found that it works very well in crashes. I like the lack of coverage in the back (keeps me cooler). The hard knee cups are good: they slide well along concrete, gravel, etc. if you fall onto your knees at speed, and do not get caught on the ground like fabric might. Make sure that the armour doesn’t slip down on you, though: my armour rests on the top of my feet, preventing it from sliding down in a crash, but other people have complained about their armour sliding around.

If you buy this stuff, please post a review after you have ridden for a while. I know several MTBers that use the Dainese armour, and I would be curious about how it transfers to a unicycling application.

I used to only ride with the Dainese leg pads, a very similar model to the one you pictures (bottom)

I found that they were excellent for impacts (where they had padding) and not great for scratches. I really liked mine, but now they’re too small, and i have 661s.


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Or send to me. :smiley:
I’m a relatively small person HA ha ha…:smiley:

This is my alternative to Roach armor.
Football shin guard, cloth leg wrapper and inline knee guard
which is quite comfortable for me.
I am using this alternatively with Roach armor.

Other pictures are also in .

Re: Or…

I use a very similar setup, but I start by putting on a pair of very basic, cheap knee pads (think volleyball cheap) backwards so the pad covers my calves, then strapping on the Nike shin protectors over this to protect the front side. I came up with this solution–of course–just after the time I really could have used it:

That said, I finally got to test it today when I got hung up on the pedal during a UPD. The pedal contact was almost exactly where my previous injury was, but this time protection was complete, no ill effects.