Any Comments or Opinions for this Nimbus 29er?

I’m considering this Nimbus 29er on Blow-Out sale at UDC…wondered if anybody has one and can give an opinion on it.

Although I have some concerns about buying a unicycle listed on any “blow-out” sale :smiley: , this seemed like a decent deal at 20% off (although shipping to So. California would add about $30 back onto it). Would like a new Coker, but figure I could save some $$$ for now and upgrade later if I’m enjoying the bigger wheel enough…and probably a good idea anyway since all I’ve been riding until now is a 20".

Plan to use it for distance/leisurely rides (no three foot drops or anything), so I don’t really see enough need for ISIS to spend the additional $75 for the newer ISIS model. Any opinions?

Getting Isis is smart. For only $75 more, you are getting a much much stronger wheel. I have heard of square taper crank arms bending just by pedaling hard uphill. Also, if you are commuting, get short cranks.

Thanks for the advice. Should I get cranks shorter than the 125’s that come with it?

Good commuting uni, the only thing is personally I would get a saddle with a handle, you’re going to want to take some weight off your ass on long rides. I would stick with 125s for the time being, cranks are relatively cheap to replace if you find you wnat shorter ones anyway.

If you just want something to do distance and leisurely rides on, I think you should get a Coker. Once you have the 29, you’ll enjoy it most at first, and then when you get used to it you’ll just want the bigger, better and faster version (which is a coker, and assuming that you aren’t doing Muni). You could save all your $$$ now, and get a Coker :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s how I felt when I got my KH29… anyway.

Yeah, I was planning on buying the KH replacement saddle handle from UDC if I were to purchase this uni, hoping that it would switch out with the front bumper already there. That would work, right? Aren’t the Nimbus and KH saddles built very similarly?

Or do you mean the T7 handles?

The T7 only really becomes more essential when you start to do longer rides.

Ah, I see where the confusion is coming in. The saddle in that picture is not the one specified in the text. That is a velo, which looks the same as the KH and nimbus but only has two bolts at the front so you can’t put a handle on it. You will be getting the nimbus Gel which has a handle on it already, so no problem. It’s also my saddle of choice for distance riding.

In my opinion that looks like an ideal entry level “cruising around town” uni. Sure you can get unis with ISIS components, double walled rims, aluminum frames etc but not for that price.

Except for a DX wheel that I don’t have built up in a unicycle all my unicycles so far are square taper. In the last couple years I have wrecked four or five sets of cranks but it was always from drops and hopping around. The hubs themselves are still in perfect shape. If you just ride it without doing anything stupid you should be fine, and if you do wreck one, like somebody said before, cranks are cheep.

I say go for it