Any advice for beginning MUni

I want to start MUni. Does anyone have any advice on how to start, the best things to practice, what kit you need etc.
(By the way: I have done a search, I think it bought up all the posts that had ever been written).
I am going to buy a 24" onza muni (cos I’m going through a stressful time at the moment and reckon I need a nice pressie), and I’m also going to get some 661 leg armour. I am practicing riding over bumpy fields. Any other suggestions?
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Advice: Have fun!

It’s not hard to get into MUni once you have reasonable control of your unicycle. You can start on fire roads and just keep adding difficulty a bit at a time. I think the key is to always push the envelope a little; MUni is never more fun than when you clean something that’s right at the edge of your capabilities.

If you just stay up top and keep the pedals turning, you’ll be surprised at how much you can ride. Be daring!

For safety gear you might also want to think about wrist guards/gloves and a helmet as well as the 661’s. I have weak ankle ligaments so I wear ‘Active Ankles’ to reduce the chance of spraining my ankles though I’m not normal (did I just say that?).

For riding one tip is not to go too far away from your eventual end place until you know your limits as Muni can really zap your energy and you do have to get back.

Above all enjoy yourself :smiley:

Get some full fingered gloves or wrist guards because your hands will get sore grabbing and yanking on that saddle all the time. I started with cotton gardening gloves.

At the end of each ride, when you are close to the point where the unicycle will no longer be required, try something you think you can’t do or that you think your unicycle can’t handle. Learning to fall, hop, jump, and drop hard as well as riding something too steep, too skinny, or too weak will give you more confidence trying these things further from home.

Oh, by the way, things will break. Try to make it the unicycle and not you.

Thank you.
Yeah, I take your point about the gloves with fingers. I already have a bit of a blister just from practicing hopping.
Thanks alot.

Just get out and ride. You’ll never learn anything without trying.

You dont have to muni any certain way, just go hit the trails!

Re: Any advice for beginning MUni

Ask any mountain bikers you know about where there are easy trails to ride nearby. Then go there and play on them. They like the same sort of things muni riders do and there’s an awful lot more of them.


Thanks Joemarshall, I know just the place to go and ask.
I’m sure they have rides togther aswell, maybe I can crash them when i’ve had some practice.