Antique Unicycle

I’m eating a taco (with my right hand) and it looks fine. :slight_smile:

I noticed your cool red retro uni is not the same one as in your avatar photo. Did you modify that one or do you have two?

I’ll give 'em $200 and I’ll pay the shipping. Do you think they would go for it, or do they have lots of space in their shop? :smiley:

Thanks John. The red uni is my second custom unicycle and its a 20" uni.

The avatar is a 26" uni.

The one for $1595 sold a day or two after I posted the price. Maybe we gave the seller a little free advertisement.

I wonder if this thread will inspire more craiglist sellers of old unicycles to list their unicycles as “antiques” with hefty prices. :smiley:

Good. Saved me $200 plus shipping!

The big question is what was the selling price of that $1595 red unicycle. I’m guessing somewhere way south of $1595…