Anti sieze on KH onza cranks

So, I just finished putting anti seize on my cranks, and it worked awesomely. My uni used to creak in about four parts of the wheel rotation, but now it’s smooth and nice. The moral? Even though you don’t need to do anything to the hub due to how it’s constructed, the hub/crank interface still can get squeaky, and anti seize is still good stuff.

Sorry to sound like a twat, but isn’t this quite obvious seeing as UDC and the rest of the community dig it into our brains already :roll_eyes:

meh, it makes you happy that your uni doesnt creak anymore, so alls good I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Now how do we get rid of spokes making weird ‘popping’ noises upon heavy landings. That I’d like to find out.

My spokes used to do that, but then I rubbed some wax between them, where they would rub together at, and it stopped.

So I’m right in thinking that this small popping effect is simply old or aged spokes that have kinda been worn a bit, and therefore make an odd noise when they rub against eachother?

Hmm, may need new spokes soon :smiley:

Yeah that may be it, Do your spokes have paint on them? Cause mine do, and the clicking\popping noise comes from where the paints has scrapped off, and the spoke will rub off of the clean area where there is still paint, causing a pop, then when it rubs back on to the clean spot and off the pain, it pops again.

yeah, it’s pretty redundant… I just enjoyed taking everything apart and doing the routine maintenance stuff, putting the anti seize on, and having my uni be way more fun to ride afterwards. It wasn’t supposed to be an info thread, but more of a happy mini-writeup.

New spokes can make the same popping noises. It’s not the age of the spokes that causes the popping sound.

The problem is the wheel build. A good wheel build where the spokes are properly tensioned and have been properly stress relieved will not have significant popping noises from the spokes. Stress relieving involves squeezing pairs of spokes to stretch them and relieve spoke windup. Factory built wheels don’t get the same love that hand built wheels get. Much of that love is in making sure the spokes are properly tensioned and then properly stress relieved. Factory built wheels don’t get that attention and aren’t built with high tension in the spokes.

But even with a good hand built wheel you probably still want to put a little bit of wax or grease where the spokes cross to get rid of wheel noises.