Frank A wrote:

> I removed the cranks because they were creaking a bit. I noticed the
> splines were dry. I cleaned them up and slathered on a fresh
> application of anti-seize and it is as quiet as can be.


What brand of anti-seize is best for this application? I’ve been
searching the web and see that there are several products available.



Hi Jason,
I bought the bottle at a NAPA auto parts store. I don’t think brand is that important but for what it’s worth, mine is:

VersaChem (brand)
thread lubricant
Type 13
It has a brush attatched to the inside of the cap which makes it alot neater, the stuff is messy. It works great.

Re: anti-seize

You can go to an auto parts store and get the copper colored anti-seize. Loctite and Permatex are two common brands, but there are others. You only need a little so don’t get a big 10oz can of the stuff. 1oz is more than you’ll need for several years.

There is also Finish Line Ti Prep. It’s sold at bike stores. It’s just copper anti-seize put in a handy and convenient syringe. Since it’s sold at bike stores it gets a hefty markup and is quite a bit more expensive per oz. than the anti-seize at an auto parts store.

I like the Finish Line Ti Prep because of the syringe. The syringe does help keep your hands clean when applying the stuff. It’s enough anti-seize to last me about a year and I have two unicycles with Profile hubs.


Just go into any auto parts store and tell the you want some anti-seize compound and they will know what you want. That way you can act like you know what your doing…You don’t have to use the brush just put some on your finger and spread on, it doesn’t take much, just a lite coating. but it is messy. You might be able to find some in a small tube but it usually comes in a screw top can about the size of a beer can but a little shorter. use it on treads or shafts that you might be removing now and then. enjoy…Keith :sunglasses:

I haven’t used it on a uni but I use it on my spark plugs. You guys do use it on your spark plugs don’t you? If you don’t the aluminum and steel being dissimilar metals can seize together and you may never get them out again!

I always look at the counter at the autoparts store and they usually have a display with loctite and anti seize in little tiny packets with a rip off end. The packets are usually just enough to do eight sparkplugs. No more than $2 down here in the states.