anoying looking metal badge!!

does anyone have any idea how to remove the metal badge off unicycles??

cos in my opinion they look kinda cheap

The gold thing???Why do people always want to take those off?Thats the kind of thing i would put ON my uni…(i guess it would be differnt if i actaully had one…)

Anyway,do a search,theres been several threads/posts about them.

metal badge

An electric hair blow-dryer usually heats up stickers, softening the glue enough, to remove them.
Don’t try this while your in the bathtub…

I like the metal head badges. Much better looking that stickers. I’ve even been thinking about finding an old retro bicycle head badge to stick on my uni.

:astonished: I have a cool one on my old MTB!!I never thought of it…Im gonna go look at it.

i have a jar of old head badges. ive thought the same too but never got to it.

A good way to get them off is to take a butter knife and pry it off,one side at a time.But it does leave a bunch of rubbery stuff behind,you can pick that of with your fingers mostly.At least it did on my bike.

Now i have to figure out how to get it ON my uni…

look for some stuff called Goo Be Gone, it takes off all that leftover sticky crap.