another weird place uni'ed

on the way back from the eclipse i found this geographic milestone to pose with me
sadly, a couple of the brass letters have been stolen off this monument by people wishing to feed their families (i choose to believe)

capricorn.bmp (551 KB)

That looks awesome fo jumpin off of! Man i wish i had one of those.

You do cool stuff, Dave.

Wow! Someone unicycled to TMA1

>Wow! Someone unicycled to TMA1


Did you never see 2001 a Space Odyssey?

From memory, TMA1 = Tychus (Tycho?) Magnetic Anomaly # 1. It was the tall dark pillar of power which was discovered on the moon (in the crater of Tychus (Tycho?)) and led to the building of the space ship with the super computer HAL (Heuristic Algorythmic Logarithmic) (it is purely coincidental that H, A, and L come 1 before I, B and M in the alphabet;) ) and then the heroes went out to somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto and found another big black pillar, then the film all got a bit silly.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have raised the matter.

At least I didn’t compare you to the monkeys in the opening sequence.:smiley:

oh, that tma 1

as a dedicated kubrickhead, i should be ashamed of myself

i’m going to go uni in the corner


another weird place uni’ed

Don’t worry, Dave!

2001 came and went, and none of that stuff happened.

Shame on A.C.C. and Kubrick for putting everything within their readers’/viewers’ lifetimes…

It just ruins the whole effect of a great story for generations to come!

OK, just to be able to claim to be On Topic…

The scene of Frank jogging inside the ship could be stretched to an allegory of a rider of the Cosmic Unicycle that maintains a gravitational balance which represents the cohesive force of the universe.