Another website for the K1 deals

Found some of the uni’s here as well:

So we have Makais, Meijer, and now Bikemania. Post any other sites you guys find to help people out that are lookin for these deals.

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surely the K1 stock are running low now. Are they trying to get rid of them for a whole new product release?

I would think so. Also a disclaimer: Be careful when ordering from these sites. I use third party programs and reviews to check out the legitimacy of web retailers. I have not ordered from bike mania before.

Alien backflip from in the UK is £340 which converts to $555! The site you’ve pulled up is selling them for $198 - these things come from France which is 22 miles from the UK and 2,861 miles from the US - what’s going on.

Well these sites that have the good deals going, are not unicycle websites. These are overstock clearance type websites.

Fine - they must be selling them for less than cost or in the Uk is putting a 150% markup on them.

They could afford to buy a job lot in from the US and still make a killing - maybe I should.

No wonder you guys think I’m mad thinking about buying Impact or KH when you can get two and a half Koxx-one’s for the same price. currently has a few of the K1 unicycles for sale, with far better pictures and accurate descriptions. The muni’s also come with KH Freeride seats. They ship to many locations too, which is a real bonus.

Doesn’t say they come with KH saddles. Says they come with the K1 street saddles.

Keep in mind that if you get one of the K1 24" muni’s, that you’ll probably need to buy a real muni saddle.

Sorry my link didn’t work, here is a link to the 24" Track Monster :

We are offering the free up graded saddle on the 24" track monster and the 24" white russian muni. Better watch for what other K1 products we get next.