Another Video thread - NZ Style

Well, i finally got around to making another street vid…

Generally speaking i will avoid to make new threads in rsu just because i can hardly make my way around here as is (too much spam), but then again i thought i would share this one.

if you look around my my unicycle videos : you will get to see what we are up to in auckland with our riding (well at least those of us who ride more frequently) and dont forget to check out the SINZ tour :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah, thats a cool vid. You are really good.

Cheers man, so are you!
I hope to be better by my 1 year unicycling aniversary by riding more often but school and work keep getting me down. Tony Melton just “called me out” which means im gonna accept his challange tonight and land some new tricks i guess

There have been 65 views but I am the only one that responded and the thread was on the second page…

The movie is too good to only get one reply. :sunglasses: :roll_eyes:


nice vids

Holy crap man…I wish I could ride skinnies like you…

I only just got into them (more so than ever anyways) since upgradin to a KH, it makes them really controllable compared to my old uni i recon, actually that applies to all my riding. KHU’s rock

Cheers man, anyways i have another one in the pipeline… Theres a sweet 12 stair rail in the city which im gonna bomb when i get the time in the next few weeks, gotta hit it in the daytime so it can be filmed which means i only get a few shots at it before security comes after me.
Heading to the MTB worlds to spot the Trials Bike Finals this weekend so probably film a little bit of that and we’re going for a muni too, Tony, Danny and I so we’ll grab some more muni footage in the hills of Rotorua

wow cool vids!!!

not quite as… polished as the pros

but you’ve got some awesome raw skills

keep it up

Yeah im pretty noob

heh nice video. I think I’ll get a “crankflips are overrated” tshirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Make me one too, They ARE overrated :stuck_out_tongue:

stylin’ video man!

I finally got around to uploading it to the Gallery:
and I think it will be on soon?

im pretty sure i went to the exact spot that overlooks auckland when i went to NZ 3 years ago.

Its at the top of Mt Eden, close to where I live

The donkey flip is very clean, i liked it!
you got nice skills in railing too!

nice video!